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My name is Isabelle. I’m working as a media designer and I create my own jewelry, but the only labels I would actually like put on myself are ‘free spirit’ and ‘artist’. I’ve always been inspired by more than meets the eye. I can remember my 4 year old self, already contemplating life, and asking herself why we are all here and if all this really can be nothing more than one big coincidence.

I was born with a complex and rare congenital heart defect, which wasn’t always too easy for myself or my loved ones, but connected me strongly to my heart, which now helps me to be able to look into other people and feel their hidden fears or suppressed emotions. I even think I chose this condition before I incarnated on this planet. Without this heart defect, I wouldn’t have experienced major events or near death experiences that played a big role in my spiritual journey and are a reason why I saw life and the world differently from an early age.

I’m looking forward to share perspectives on life with you, to open the door to your better understanding of yourself for some of you. I’ve been practicing meditation since I was twelve years old and I know which great things happen on the inside and on the outside once you start meditating. I’m happy that you found your way to this blog and that you give me the opportunity to remind you of the fact, that you are powerful, spiritual beings. Unfortunately, many people have already forgotten about this. Why this is the case, and how you can bring back your memories, will be a topic on this blog.

My personal mantra is ‘just feel it’. This concept always works for me and I could observe that everyone is able to feel things out of their intuition. Some only need to learn it again. This way, you can feel answers, you can feel the truth, you can base your decisions on your feeling, bring up suppressed things that need to be healed. I want to tell you a lot about the method of ‘just feeling’ in the future. I even plan to work out a program, which can, in practical steps, help everyone of you how to learn to trust your inner compass and how to align it in a way, that it starts working perfectly again.

For me too, the journey inside never stops, there is always new things coming up. One of my favorite practices is to work up and release trauma. Of course, I believe and live a positive focus. But in my opinion it can only really be positive, if it is not misused for distancing oneself from their dark aspects. Embrace the darkness. It only wants to be flooded by light.

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