Hello and welcome,

I’m Elaine, a certified Yoga teacher (RYT 200), co-owner of a Yoga studio and media designer.

I founded the blog ‘Unlocked Heart’ in 2015 to document my journey as a Yoga student on my way to become a Yoga teacher.
But even now as a teacher I’m always going to be a passionate student, because there is so endlessly much to learn and to experience.

I’m happy you found your way to this blog. I dedicate ‘Unlocked Heart’ to Yoga and the wonderful lifestyle that comes along with it.

I love life and to discover new things, I love to travel, to philosophize and to do anything that opens my mind. I’ve been into meditation and spirituality since more than 15 years and I read anything that I can grasp about these topics.

I have learned that the more you focus on happiness, and on being guided by the own heart, the more doors will open up that will lead you to understand your true self better.

My favorite mantra of the last year has been ‚Breathe – Precatice – Love’ because it sums up anything that’s important. The ongoing practice (of asanas, of taking a look inside, of meditation, of mindfulness) is a basic foundation (the sanskrit term is abhyasa for this). To take in every single breath and to be aware of it is important to live a mindful, conscious life. And of course love is important, too – if not most important – because anything that happens out of love can only be right.

Since I started my own Yoga practice in early 2012, magnificent miracles have been happenening inside of me. One of them is that my heart opened up to the unlimited possibilities we all have in life – as long as we are willing to see and take them – and now I decided to share my journey and my constant progress as a Yogini on this blog. With all its ups and downs, the failures, fears and joyful moments that come along with the path, to inspire others, to share my thoughts, to be inspired, to share my experiences along the way, to tell you about the light and the shadows, to spread the love and the healing light that comes from deep within. I want to share my thoughts about life, love and happiness and my personal recipe how to achieve it.

My Yoga-Teacher-Training: Yoga Süd Stuttgart, completed in July 2016 (RYT® 200 certified, with teachers Birgit Hortig,  Myriam Bossert, Christiane Wolff & Wiebke Mohme).
I took part in various workshops by Kino MacGregor (Ashtanga), Meghan Currie, Sandra Amtmann (Prana Flow), Liz Huntly & Roland Jensch, Anna Trökes, Julia Deka (Acro Yoga).
I’m also a certified FeetUp® teacher.


Ich teach several classes each week (Basic, Vinyasa & Relax Yoga) around Stuttgart in Germany.


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