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Welcome and hello,

we’re Elaine and Isabelle and we believe that we are soulmates.

Based close to Stuttgart in Germany, we love to enjoy every single moment of life. We are happy that you found your way to this blog. ‘Unlocked Heart’ is dedicated to Yoga, Mindfulness and Spirituality, and the wonderful lifestyle that comes along with it.

Since our early childhood, we always were together. We watched each other grow up, also grew up together. We developed the same interests, lent each other books about alchemy, spirituality and magic as teenagers. We always heard that ‘background noise’, had the feeling that there is so much more going on than the things we can see with our eyes.

Spirituality goes far beyond any esoteric beliefs. It’s all about your inner voice. It’s about discovering and exploring your own self, it’s about finding out who you truly are. Your inner voice will alway guide you. In silence you will find all the answers. Once you really start listening to your inner guiding voice, you’ll see that the silence and the peace that comes from the inside is beautiful, and that you’re becoming more and more aware of your true self.

Yoga is not a religion or dogma. It’s a peaceful lifestyle that comes from ancient times and constantly leads to inner balance and happiness, and also can lead to health – mentally and physically.

In life it’s all about the right thoughts we choose to think and hold on to. We’ll find peace if we choose to be actively mindful and start living in the now. Each moment is precious and we should appreciate every single one, one after another. Hower it might be. If good or bad.

It’s not always easy to share things from the inside. It means being vulnerable and to talk about thoughts and fears. Sometimes it’s even not easy to talk about exciting moments and happiness. But it’s important to open up sometimes and to share things and feelings with others. It’s important and a wonderful feeling to unlock your heart. Nobody can do that for you or help you with that, it’s a thing you decide on your own. You have to make the first step yourself, others can only show you the path leading to your own understanding.



Happiness is not a thing that happens to you – it’s a choice you make. It’s always a choice to work with what you’ve got, from where you are, with the talents you’ve got and to stand up for who you are and to make the best out of it.

Life is an endless adventure. It’s beautiful. Believe in your dreams, dare to walk your own path and always, always follow your heart.

We wish you all a great stay here and hopefully you will come back and be inspired, too. :)
We’re looking forward to your comments and feedback, inspiration and thoughts.
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Love and light,

Isabelle & Elaine

Photo credit: Black Spirit X (www.bsx-world.com)

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