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Is loving material things spiritual?


Some of you who’ve been following us for years might know that we used to be a lot on the go in terms of fashion. We were around people who are in the industry every single day and we got a pretty good insight into the hollowness that comes with this industry.
We will write an article in detail about the fashion and music industry in the near future, but today we want to strike out about the question if it is spiritual to love material things since a lot of ‘spiritual people’ have a hard time enjoying the ‘superficial’ things in life and feel really bad about it if they do.


We love fashion – obviously. We love to dress pretty, we love extravagant runway fashion, we have favorite labels that never dissapoint with their latest collections. It was never a question to either enjoy the ‘superficial’ aesthetics or to ask and try to answer the deep, spiritual questions. It’s always been both for us, it came naturally that we didn’t feel the urge to decide.
Soon we had to learn that people who live their lives more on the ‘material side’ might not often have that connection to the ‘spiritual side’ as well and it happened that we were labeled crazy by some of them.

On the other side, those people who are clear on the mysteries of the universe judged us for being fashion lovers, for wearing ‘too much’ make up, for modeling, for doing all the stuff they considered ‘unspiritual’. We just didn’t fit in anywhere because people judged us. That was the only thing that WE found ‘very unspiritual’.


This clash between ‘spiritual’ and ‘unspiritual’ really, really bugs us and we want to tell you our thoughts about it.
This realm in which we live in is the dimension of materialized (manifested) things. If you’ve ever heard about the ‘law of attraction’ you will know that your thoughts send out signals, (measurable) frequencies and vibrations, that attract the exact same frequency that you emit. So, if you keep thinking of an apple, the apple MUST appear in your life. It might either be in form of a photo, it might be that someone tells you extraordinarily precise about the apple they just ate or you’re even attracting an actual apple that someone’s giving to you. The apple is just a simple example, but the law of attraction works with everything. It works the entire time, if you are aware of it or not. Every thought you think vibrates on a certain frequency and attracts people, objects, events into your experience that vibrate on the same frequency.
Relating to things that we call ‘material’ or ‘superficial’ like money and designer clothes, our thoughts created the materialized object. Our question to you now is: How is that not spiritual?

Everything that has even been made was born by a thought. The designer thought about the dress, before he sew it. He put his heart and passion into the details, the process of creation. Make up or pretty jewelry is something that makes us feel good. It is not ‘bad’ to spend a huge amount of money on one piece of clothing or jewelry if you love it.

You can sit on a field meditating and drinking green juice all day but as soon as you come home you’re reminded that you still need to pay your rent. Money is nothing more than a tool that we need for living on this planet and we should try to not make it our enemy.
If you’re projecting too much importance on money, you will judge people for spending money or people who pursuit to gain a lot of money as ‘superficial’, because you’re searching for an excuse for your own bad attitude relating to money.

We came to this world to experience the threedimensional life. Threedimensional life comes with a body and countless material things. Trees, rivers, stones, nature in general is ‘material’ too. You’re just not judging a tree for being unspiritual but you’re judging the 400 dollar dress or the fast car for being ‘material and unspiritual’ because your relation to those things is bad.

Nothing can ever be not spiritual, because the source of it all is a thought, it’s consciousness, it’s there for a good reason. It could not be if it wasn’t manifested by thought in some form. Don’t ever feel like you have to decide between being spiritual and loving things that money can buy. This dimension is here to experience all of that. We bet our souls stood in line to come to this planet and experience the material world. If you feel bad for enjoying material things, keep in mind that you are a spiritual being but also remember that you – as a spiritual being – decided to come here, to experience exactly those material things that are available in this world.

Stay humble but enjoy your own openess to the world we live in.



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