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11 tips on how to stay positive

We’re all feeling it right now: the tension in the world, the overall low vibe, the numbness and the feeling of lacking safety. …And it just seems to get worse and worse. Terrible things are happening daily in our world and we wonder: when does this all stop? Will we ever feel peace?

As much as we have learned to use the skill of positive thinking over the past few years, we have to admit that it isn’t always that easy, especially to focus on staying positive.

So but here comes the BUT…

We’ve got a list of tips for you on how to focus on the good things in life, how to stay in a positive vibration and how to keep it throughout your day. We try to do most of the things on this list daily, and it really helps us to cheer up.

We can actually do something against this bad vibe of negativity. After all it’s our own choice if we want to dwell in the dark mood or not.
Why should we give up on happiness? Just because we feel like the world is ‚bad‘?
Oh, hell no… : ) We think there are so many things worth living for, we love giggling way too much, and we enjoy the good things of being alive way too much. We believe that everyone on this earth has this wish of being happy, hidden deeply inside, too. People who commit themselves to terror, who do cruel things in the name of a ‘higher good’– they are lost souls and blinded by the darkness. Deep inside they seek healing and they need it the most.

We can’t make you think positive, but we can give you some advice what YOU can do for yourself. : )


11 tips on how to stay positive

1. Turn off the news
Turn off the TV, the radio, don’t read the newspapers. They’re feeding you with bad news and horrible energy that can’t do anything else than bringing you down. Stay away from social media, too, or at least just quickly go check for e-mails and then turn them off again to avoid reading the shared news over and over again. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling is a true energy sucker. You will just stay worried about the future and it keeps you away from ‚real life‘ – from the NOW.

2. Use your body
Try some workout, do some yoga, exercise, stay in motion. Even take a bath and relax your muscles, use some good, heavenly-smelling bodyoil to spoil yourself. Your body is there to be used and to be felt, to be nourished. It is not only here to sit at a desk all day long. The feeling and the hormone cocktail that every kind of physical exercise and conscious cognition of your body creates an uplifting and motivating state of mind. Make sure to watch your diet and eat healthy, since fast food and industrially produced food will lower your vibration immediately.

3. Spread some love
Say something nice to a stranger. Say some nice words to the one next to you in line at the supermarket or even put a little written note behind the wiper of a stranger’s car. It could say ‚I wish you a very nice day :)‘ or something similar, just to hopefully boost the mood and put a little smile on that stranger’s face for a moment. To put out a little loving energy into the world like that seems like a very small step, but even the longest journeys begin with a first one, and the more people that are raising the vibe, the better.

4. Enjoy the moment
Focus on the NOW and try to see the beauty of every moment. It starts in the morning while drinking your cup of tea or coffee. How does it taste? Enjoy it consciously, try to make the moment last. Smell the fresh air that fills your lungs. Refrain from thinking about the next meeting, the schedule of the day, the fact that you’re 5 minutes late. Refrain from every thought that might stress you out.

5. Clean up
Clean your home, your desk at the office. The chaos around you is a mirror to the chaos inside of you. So the more stuff that’s laying around, the more chaotic energy it creates. Keep your space clean and organized to keep unnecessary things from your mind.

6. Meditate
Try to meditate at least 15 minutes daily to keep a calm mind and to get in tune with the peace that everyone of us is hiding deep inside. Concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes. At least inner peace is just a few breaths away.
To set a good intention like ‚I am strong today‘ or ‚I am positive’ works best in the morning, right after you woke up, because your head isn’t filled up with daily life yet. One tip: If your affirmation, your set intention for the day, feels like lying to yourself, choose another one, which feels more believable to you. For example: If you want to set the intention ‘I’m in a good mood today’ but you really feel like crap, try something like ‘Today is a new chance for beautiful things. I’m going to expect something good to happen’.

7. Be grateful
Be grateful for every moment that you have. There are always people being less lucky than you are, with less money, less food, less luck. Don’t feel guilty about that, but try to enjoy your own life a little more. Everything is as it is – you can either be at war with it right now, or at peace. Situations change, like everything does. So be thankful for every single, unique moment, and try to learn something from it. The more you love your life, the more it will love you back.

8. Write
Writing is a powerful tool to face everything that’s bothering you. Try to get all of those thoughts that are swirling around in your head and write them down on a piece of paper. ‚Ban‘ the negativity by using a pen – a real one, no digital writing – and write down every single thing that bothers, angers or saddens you. Get your feelings on the paper and be as rude, judgmental, harsh or honest as you can be. Tell the paper about your fears. Cry about it, let it come up. Once you’re done with that process burn that little piece of paper and visualize how all those bad thoughts are being sucked up by the fire, and how they lose their power over you and fade away into nothingness.

9. Let go of attachments
Let go of thoughts that enslave you. Let go of belief systems that aren’t your own. Let go of attachments to society standards that aren’t compatible with your own. Let go of anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Don’t be afraid to get judged if you change something. Just be yourself and be proud of who you are. Remember: you don’t ‘change’, you improve.

10. Get enough sleep
Sleep is so valuable! A short night can decrease your mood, making you feel down and tired all day long. You might not even notice that you’re tired, but you might feel the tension. So, be sure to get enough sleep every night! If you have trouble falling asleep, then try some restorative yoga poses like ‚legs up the wall‘- pose or read a book that inspires your mind (rather than a crime novel).

11. Watch your thoughts
Throughout the day, observe your thoughts and where they are going. Your thoughts create your reality. In THIS article we tell you a little more about the power of thoughts and how you can use them as a weapon against negativity.


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