Everything is consciousness

What are we?

These three words are the hardest thing to answer. Just think about it. What are we? We are made of water, flesh, cells, biological substances… But what are we?

If you think someone else has a nice body and you want to be nice you compliment them. You might say ‘Hey, you really have a nice body!’
But… wait a minute.
Who is the ‘you’ that HAS and not IS that body?

In everyday life we don’t even notice anymore that there is a knowing within us that we are not our bodies, as well as we are not solely our personalities since they are formed by social connections, habits, circumstances. We talk about ‘good souls’, we talk about our bodies as something seperate from the ‘I’, but most people do that subconsciously, as a form of common phrases.

Think about this for a minute, maybe even meditate a little about it:
If you take away parts of your body, one by one, until there’s no more part to take away – what would be left in the end? Is it your mind? Your thoughts? Your soul?

What we really are is our consciousness. Not the voice in our head that judges, that adopts external beliefs and makes us worry. Our consciousness is the observer behind that voice. Everytime a thought comes up in your head, you are able to notice that it is a thought, you can switch into the position of a higher perception.

That observer might not be as easy to access for some of you, but try one thing:
Next time you really worry about something and doubts, questions and terrorizing thoughts pop up in your head, switch into the perspective of the observer and notice that there are negative thoughts which are not yours entirely. They are worries, filtered through a belief-system that you once adopted from your environment and now call the ‘I’.

Once you really get that spark of ‘I am not my worries, I am not my thoughts, there is more. There is something greater behind it.’ – you will feel bliss. In the second you really understand it, it will uplift you, that’s a promise.

Consciousness itself is at peace, it is love, it is light. It does not judge and it does not differ good from bad. It just is.

Not only human beings have consciousness, since consciousness is the source of everything that exists.
 Animals, plants, water, minerals,… everything has consciousness and everything lives. It is just the perspective of that consciousness that differs us from a stone along a nice path in the forest or from crystals like those you can see on our photos in this post. They are life as well, they are conscious. They perceive their reality differently, but they are a puzzle piece to the big picture, just like you are.

Working with healing stones and crystals is a very old practice that nowadays – unfortunately – is associated with pseudo science and deceptive ‘healers’. Though, crystals really can help you keep the balance and raise your frequency.
You can imagine crystals as ‘natural USB sticks’ on which you can store data (well, energy in this case) and from which you can also ‘download’ the information (energy) again.

It is even said that the old Mayas had some kind of crystal-technology with which they stored their entire knowledge on skull-shaped clear crystals. There are a lot of replicas in museums around the world but it is not sure where the original, knowledge-packed skulls are being stored (and hidden).
If you are interested in crystal powers, we will give you some deeper insight into our experience in another post in the future.


Isabelle Gloria & Elaine Valerie


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