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The perks of being spiritual

As soon as we start focusing on the more spiritual nature of our being, the world becomes an adventurous, mystical place with so much stuff to do and learn for the first time. We almost feel as if we could see the world through the eyes of a child again, because there is so much to explore that we didn’t even know about yet.

We experience what it is to meditate, we research ancient and hidden knowledge that’s just under the radar for the mainstream, we might realize our own gifts and psychic abilities and we even might dive into the whole ‘alien phenomen’ with way more sincerity than we ever did before. Simply put: our conception of the world turns upside down which is an utterly interesting but also frightening process. Whereas in the beginning this is all exciting and thrilling, we quickly realize that our world and the structure in it is built against these amazing things and that so much stuff is kept hidden from us with the most amazing (in a negative sense) techniques one can ever imagine. This can at times be very frustrating and we start to resist ‘being human’. We wish we could live in our ‘positive vibes’ bubble forever, float around in space with our spirit guides (read more about them HERE) and just express ourselves in a way that is possible in higher realms and dimensions where love is the leader. We question why we have to go to a shitty job every day, we feel caged in the third dimension and in its system. We might even resist being dependent on things like shelter, food, money or physical health. We start to see all the people who ‘still don’t get it’ and we go through some serious ego-problems relating to spirituality while we’re trying to ‘wake up’ our loved ones who still seem to be in deep sleep not questioning anything beyond the physical.

I know that this might not make sense to everyone of you, but I’m sure I’m speaking for many people who are reading this. It’s absolutely fine to have this resistance for a while but in the long term it is important for our physical and mental health to ground ourselves in order to actually enjoy our physical, human experience here on earth.

Since I myself have a hard time grouding myself, I wrote down some tips and tricks that might work for you as well.

1. Be mindful

Instead of ‘living in your mind’ and thinking ten things at the same time while doing something else, try to really concentrate on what you’re doing on a phsyical level. For example: If you’re washing your hands; notice the water, the temperature, how it’s rinsing down your wrists. If you eat something: How does it taste? What is the texture like? Which seperate flavors can be noticed? Try this out with little things a few times a day.

2. You wanted to be here

Be absolutely aware of the fact that your soul has chosen to be here before your incarnation. You concsiously decided to experience this life as human, you consciously decided to have that body, to be dependent, to be physical. Your true nature is spiritual and abundant and so are your choices. Your choice was the exact life you are living right now!

3. Connect with nature and your body
Connect yourself with nature, even if it’s just your own garden. Go outside for a walk, just sit on the grass, enjoy the sun and feel connected to all that is. Dance a little, move your body, do some yoga or just sit there in silence and consciously feel the weight of your body.

4. Know that is okay to feel ‘weird’
Speaking from experience, things might get a little weird after you recognized your own spiritual potential. ‘Regular’ conversations might seem boring or superficial to you. You notice how your friends are either inspired by what you’re sharing about your view on the world or that they think you’ve gone completely nuts. Be gentle with them, most likely they really can’t perceive what you’re talking about because they decided not to experience spirituality before they came here (before they incarnated). That’s a valid choice, just as yours is to indeed experience your spiritual self. Don’t try to change them or shove them your perspective down the throat. Even if you know that you are right and you just don’t get how they don’t see the truth. You might end up being the ‘weirdo’ in your clique but thats completely fine. Be confident in your beliefs and don’t hide them by any means. Just know with whom you share them.

I hope these little tips could inspire you.
See you very soon,

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