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Today I’m going to tell you all about my weekend in Pfronten in Bavaria. I was part of the FeetUp® Teacher Training in the idyllic south of Germany, between snow and mountains.

We already tried out working with the Feetup for you, and here in this blogpost you can read more.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this weekend, and that’s why I was very curious about these three days. I was very interested to learn about all the possibilities with the FeetUp – more than to only practice inversions.

Lea Zubak and Kilian Trenkle, who invented the FeetUp, led us through the weekend, and our Friaday afternoon began with loose relaxation postures and an introduction of all participants. The group consisted of about 30 people with different experiences with the trainer. Many of them were Yoga teachers, but also some with other professions. Some people traveled even more than 600 kilometers only to be there.

Saturday morning began with a FeetUp-Yoga class in which we involved the trainer in our practice. We learned a lot about how to guide beginners into some easy inversions and how to prepare flows for classes. For advanced participants there was also the possibility to try out new things like the crow or the peacock on the trainer.

We learned a lot of theory, too, and worked through our manual step by step and got our questions answered.

In the late afternoon I was able to lead the whole group through the sun salutations. This was lots of fun but also exciting, as I haven’t done that yet with the FeetUp.

The last exercise was to develop a choreography in small groups for which we had 20 minutes. We ‘presented’ this little flow to the other groups and it was incredible what the people developed in only 20 minutes. Each choreography was perfect for each group, with so many different ideas and synchronized flows. This exercise was my personal highlight of the weekend.

Here is our flow:


On Sunday we takled about some topics once more in depth and took the FeetUps outside to take a walk in the winter sun and to take some pictures in this beautiful landscape.

Last but not least we received our certificates with a little solo-appearance… ;)


We were a wonderful group with lovely, funny teachers, and we all worked great together. We always had the possibility to work with ‘new’ people, as the groups were mixed up differently every single time.
This weekend wasn’t just all about the Feetup, but also about connecting with people and having fun. It was perfect to overcome fears of contacts and to open up to new things, like in partner exercises when we had to trust each other and to let go. The accomodation was nice, too, and I felt a little like back then, during the trips with schoolclass. :)

I’m surprised how much I liked practicing classes with the FeetUp and how versatile it can be. Especially for classes with beginners it can be a great tool, as it offers support in many Asanas, like downward dog or triangle pose. You can use it instead of blocks, you can modify poses, and even more advanced postures like the dancer’s pose can be accessible for beginners. And even if you’re more advanced, there is so much to discover and to modify. The locust pose for example finally can be practiced without hurting hip bones that are digging into the ground. So there really is so much more to practice besides inversions!

For all of you who are interested in a Teacher Training, Workshops or the FeetUp now, you can read all about it on the official website or on  Facebook:

And last but not least, as an addition, here’s the official short movie about the weekend in which I also say a few words… ;)

All the best,

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