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Practicing with the FeetUp trainer

Hello dear readers!

Today we have a special post for you: we had the possibility to try out the awesome FeetUp® Trainer!

FeetUp is a tool with which you can easily get into a headstand (as a newbie or advanced Yogi) – and even without straining your neck at all, as the weight of your body lies on your shoulders.

We already told you about the benefits of inversions in this post.

And inversions aren’t everything you can practice with the FeepUp – there are plenty of other postures, too! The tool, which was invented by Kilian Trenkle in Germany, finds its way into more and more Yoga studios.

We loved playing with it and trying it out for you. And we already can say one thing: we love it!

Isabelle will tell you about her experiences as a ‘Yoga-newbie’, and Elaine will tell you about her experiences as a Yoga teacher.



Many of you will agree with me if I say that you can easily ‘panic’ if you want to consciously make a hand- or headstand for the first time – without a wall behind you! The thing that was done so easily as a child now is a real overcoming. I felt the same way and that’s why I was super keen to try the FeetUp. The FeetUp takes away the fear of being ‘upside down’ and makes it super easy to achieve. To be safe, I made my first attempts against a wall and took a leap by pushing me off the ground. After a few times I didn’t even touch the wall anymore and I didn’t need as much momentum but instead began to use my own muscle strength. You can figure out fast how to balance yourself to stand safely and straight and how to get into an upright posture even without ‘taking a run-up’. If you want to use the FeetUp without a wall, you can ask someone to stand next to you in case you fall over.

The FeetUp can also be used for various other types of exercises and asanas, for example backbends. It turns into a real training device if you include it nicely into your flow.

After your training, it also serves as super comfortable meditation seat on which your legs won’t fall asleep for sure! ;)



The FeetUp is an awesome invetion to me as I finally can concentrate on the balance and the central point of the bodyweight, and to play around with it.

It’s lots of fun to use the core properly and to let the legs float up and down. Its easy to get a good grip with the hands around the tool, and finally the ‘head is free’ for some playtime.

My biggest fear when it comes to an inversion (as also many other Yogis have) is the falling out of it, better said to ‘fall’ into a backbend. So it’s great to not just tumble over on the ground without any control, and instead to practice the controlled falling into a backbend with the FeetUp. At least for me it was a great help to learn it and to lose my fear.

In the following video you can see how that looks like:

I started with a few sun salutations and backbends to warm up my body first. Then I turned upside down in front of a wall, and tried to walk down on it with my feet, inch by inch. After that I continuously placed the FeetUp further away from the wall to gain more space, until my toes finally found their way down to the floor. Then I started to ‘drop down’ in slow motion, and I didn’t need the wall anymore. I just pulled my other leg tightly towards my body to keep the balance in control.

At some point I dared to move around with my legs to get into various postures.

Here’s a little flow to end this post:

My conclusion: The FeetUp trainer is a great tool that I absolutely would tell my students about. I was surprised how many things can be done with it, and I also want to learn more about them. That’s why I’m going to be a part of the FeetUp Teacher Training weekend in February, and of course I’m going to tell you all about that soon. :)

More information:

All the best!
Isabelle & Elaine


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