Imbolc – The day of the awakening Light

During the night from February 1st to 2nd ‘Imbolc’ has been celebrated in pagan traditions or among the Celts for thousands of years. It’s one of the four main feasts in the wheel of the year, also called The feast of Brigid – or nowadays also Candlemas.

It’s still deepest wintertime, but the days are getting noticably longer, and even the first rays of warm sunlight might tickle your nose.

Today’s a good day to spend a few minutes with thoughts about the light which is growing stronger and stronger.

The time of withdrawl is over and a time of new hope begins, even if it still may take some time until spring arrives. It’s a time of new beginnings, growth and hope, expanding creativity, new energy and power. All these are today’s topics. Also, cleansing is a topic of the day. Time to cleanse yourself, your space (tidy up!), and time to become ‘as pure as snow’ – to start something new with a clear mindset, and to finally start realizing new ideas and plans.

You could light many candles at your home (starting with one single candle that lits all the others), and you could also switch on all of your electrical lamps – at least for a few minutes – to symbolize the unlimited power of the light.
This serves to remind yourself of the powerful light that always returns after a time of darkness (the winter, in your soul, in your life,…) – you just need to trust in that fact.

All the best and have a wonderful day,

Elaine & Isabelle


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