Natural Skin Care

Of course we want to feed our body only good stuff. We try to eat healthy, we drink green juices, we exercise, we buy unfluoridated water and abstain artificial sweeteners.
But what about our skin? Often, we don’t realize that our skin is an eating organ as well and we just put on there whatever is available in the drugstore. It’s not easy to go completely natural… if you love make up or your daily mascara and lipstick look, you are already in trouble to find an absolutely natural product,… but we can start off with our skin care, the food for our skin.

It took me a while to figure out what works best for me and how I can change my daily skin care to mostly natural products but I want to share my little ‘secrets’ with you now.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

You could have guesses… coconut oil is the secret ingredient. I use coconut oil as a body lotion after showering and as a skin smoothener in the evening. If you put a thin layer of coconut oil on your cleavage, neck and shoulders over night you will have a beautiful natural glow in the morning.

Egyptian Magic

Face care

Egyptian Magic is my holy grail since several years now. This all natural skin care cream is an allrounder and can be used as face cream, lip balm, to soften dry ellbows or to make little scratches heal faster. I apply a thin layer as a daily face care and a thicker layer under my eyes over night, serving as a natural eye cream. On a bare face, a few dabs of Egyptian Magic on your cheekbones can even work as fresh looking highlighter.

Moisturizers make your skin lazy

Yes, moisturizers can make your skin lazy because it forgets how to hydrate itself naturally and relies on the hydration from outside. Try to avoid moisturizers and see if a oil based skin care works for you. Even if you have oily skin, oil based skin care can be the key element for a better and less oily (how ironic!) skin.

Sea salt peeling

You can make yourself a face peeling with 3 simple ingredients: Sea salt, your favorite oil (a natural body oil product, coconut oil or olive oil works) and just a dash of fresh lemon juice. Mix it all together until you get a smooth mixture and rub it gently onto your skin. Wash off with luke warm water. The oil in the peeling moisturizes your skin naturally, you won’t need any product after this treatment.

Zinc and black tea to fight those pimples

If you have any skin problems like a rash or intense outbreaks, try a strong black tea as a remedy. Brew the tea for a long time until it is really, really dark and soak a cotton pad with it. Apply it to your skin and let it dry. Don’t apply anything else to your skin and don’t use soap. Do a complete ‘skin care products detox’. Sometimes our skin is oversaturated with products and needs a little break to rearrange. It might strain a little, feel dry and even shed in certain spots, but the ‘only-water-and-black-tea’ method works wonders for acute skin problems and can help you to get rid of them within a few days. Change your skin care to a natural product after this treatment.
For those annoying, single pimples you can use a zinc unction. Apply a thick spot on the pimple over night and it will shrink until morning.

bare skin

Go naked

Don’t wear make up all the time. Let your skin breathe and ‘go naked’ as often as you feel comfortable. Most important: Always remove your make up before you’re going to bed!

I hope you enjoyed my little tips. Have fun trying them out! :)

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