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KALE&ME juice cleanse

Kale and me juice detoxLately, I’ve felt the need to do something for my body and to concentrate on ‘grounding myself’ more. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself with a juice cleanse. A vitamine kick start is always a good idea!

I did the 3 days juice cleanse by Kale & Me. The cleanse consists of a total of 18 juices, of which you drink 6 juices per day at intervals of 2 hours.
The juice cleanse detoxes the body, feeds it with vitamines and makes it possible for the body to ‘rest’ for a while.

The taste of the juices is quite yummy and varied. Although you drink the same 6 juices every day it does not become too boring. More ‘savoury’ juices, such as the ones with cucumber or celery in it, might taste a little unusual for juice-beginners or green smoothie newbies… but the hardcore green juicers know that you will get used to it. Even celery, spinach, cucumber or root beet can be absolutely tasty in a juice!
I especially liked the drink for the evening called  Amy Almond. It is made of almonds, dates, water and salt and saturates more than the pure fruit or vegetable juices.

I wasn’t too hungry during the 3 days since the juices kill the hunger in some way, even if you wouldn’t believe that. I much more lacked the feeling of chewing things. Thats also why I cheated a little with a banana or a piece of mango – but I think that’s still okay :).

Kale and me juice detox
After my successful juice challenge I feel revitalized and inspired to ‘detox’ more often or to even include a detox day into my regular diet.
What surprised me: since I’ve been eating almost salt-free for 3 days, all the water deposits, which I didn’t notice before, have been flushed out. This definitely made me think about my salt consumption; I unfortunately belong to those who love it way too salty…

What are your experiences with detox cures? Have you already tried some? Do you even belong to the disciplined ones who have a ‘fast day’ once a week where they only drink healthy juices and smoothies?

Let me know! :)

All the best,

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