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Workshop ‘Yoga and Meditation’ with Anna Trökes

Last weekend Anna Trökes held the Workshop ‘Yoga and Meditation’ at the Yoga Süd Studio in Stuttgart.

I’m happy that I was a part of it because I had a really inspiring and intense weekend.

Anna Trökes has been teaching Yoga since 1974 and wrote more than 20 books. She’s one of the best known and experienced Yoga teachers from Germany.

The workshop was a good mixture of theory, meditation and meditative Yoga practice.

“I want you to be totally with yourselves when you walk out of this workshop tomorrow”, Anna said to us in the beginning of the weekend.
I believe that she made most of the participants reach this goal.

Why meditation? Meditation can help to reduce stress, to become more mindful, and to ‘feel into’ certain parts of the body. It can help to find out ‘how do I actually feel right now’ and to create a haven in yourself where you are completely safe and free. It can help to realize your own mechanisms (like imprints from the childhood / education) and to be able to explain your own reactions why you react to a situation in a certain way. It can help to become more authoritative and to free yourself from identifications. And also to make experiences of oneness.

We had lots of time to practice a lot and she led us into different kinds of meditation and explained several techniques:

  • meditative Asanas
  • Pranayamas – breathing exercises
  • guided meditation
  • loose meditation
  • visualisation
  • body scan
  • Mudras – hand gestures
  • Yantras (for exaple how a Mandala can be a visual tool)


My personal résumé after this workshop is, that I really felt being ‘completely with myself’. There, where there is no more thought that could be disturbing – I was in my personal ‘rehabilitation area of my own mind’, like Anna called it. Sometimes it’s really not easy to not be disturbed by thoughts or external influences, and it takes a lot of practice and patience. Breathing exercises or mudras can be helpful, like varioius seated or lying positions.

It was wonderful to have learned something from such an experienced and inspiring person and also to hear about her own points of views. Thank you, Anna!

More about Anna, her works and her workshops:


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