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6 things you should be doing in 2017 to influence your life positively

It’s a new year. We all have the choice to make a ‘new start’, or to make ‘things better’ than last year. All the good intentions are usually realized in the first few weeks of January. But what comes after that, when we’re getting less motivated again and the cheat-days of your diet are getting more each week?

We have a few ideas what you can do to influence your life positively, even when you forget about your good intentions when it comes to the daily workout etc.. ;) These are simple things that you can keep on doing, and they don’t take much time at all. (And after all: who really cares about if you did your workout once or twice a week?)

So, here we go with the ideas:

1. Have conscious showers

We’re taking showers anyway, so why not integrate a tiny meditation? Start imagining to wash off all the negativity every time you take a shower. Imagine the energetic dirt washing off your skin, flowing down the drain. You could even use raw sea salt and rub off your body with it, as salt has a ‘cleansing’ effect. Watch it flowing down the drain, leaving your body, leaving your energy field. And you will be even more refreshed after your showers.

2. The 5 minute connection

Start your day with 5 minutes just for yourself. The best time to do this is even before you get up. Sit up in your bed (so you won’t fall asleep again) and – very clearly – think about your spiritual nature. Connect with your higher self in thoughts, feel the powerful light within you, realize that you are a fracture of the one infinite creator and that you are a part in the game of the cosmos. Do a mini meditation, connect with  your spirit guides, repeat a mantra to yourself, just imagine pure light… do whatever you feel is needed for the day.

3. Keep an eye out for signs

Sometimes we just rush through the days and are completely sold by the responsibilities of our society. Nevertheless, make it a resolution for 2017 to stay wondrous and look for signs. The universe is sending so many of them, since every thought you ever think has – in some way – effect on how you experience your reality. If you can read the signs, they will not just help you in your life, they will make it so much more interesting and exciting.

4. Stop saying things carelessly

As already mentioned in point 3., everything you think or say has an effect on your reality and it will manifest in some way. No matter if you want it to or not. So, stop saying bad things about yourself , even as a joke. ‘I’m too dumb for that’, ‘I always forget everything’, ‘I look like a cow in this’, ‘I’m sure the bill will be enormous’, ‘Nobody likes me’, ‘I won’t win anyways’, ‘With my luck that will go totally wrong’, ‘I’m not his/her league’.. Do you recognize yourself? Stop that! Words have power and we should use them for our benefit, not for self-destruction. Instead choose words like ‘I am strong’, ‘I will make this’, ‘I feel comfortable in these pants, even if they’re my homies’, ‘I’m lucky today’, I’m growing every single day’, ‘I want to experience that adventure of what life brings me today’, ‘I’m sure the next bill will be easy to pay’.

5. Write down your dreams and meditations

Start a dream and meditation journal. You will be grateful to have all the memories written down and you can make sense of them in a long term. Believe us, there are whole storylines going on that you will just forget if you’re not writing everything down! Maybe you experience a dream over and over again, a repeating dream with the same story that you’ve been stuck in for years. A situation that you have to deal with over and over again at the same place, but you ‘never get there’. Does this sound familiar? Well, this is a message from your subconsciousness that wants to tell you (with a sledge hammer) what you have been avoiding to deal with for years. Time to finally get clear on what this dream is about. When did you have it for the first time? Write it all down. What happens? Try to really sink into it and decipher the message – for sure it is something that you might need to proceed in your daily life, to evolve and to free yourself from.

6. Connect with your body and change your habits

It’s so important to start listening to the little signs of your body. How does the food you eat make your body feel? Is processed food with lots of sugar really what the physical part of you needs? Or is it just your tongue telling you to eat that piece of sweets? Do you listen to your body when it tells you about its need to rest? Do you nourish it with the ‘right food’?
Here we want to forget about the idea and intention ‘I want to eat more healthy in 2017.’ No. We humans need tangible results. We want to experience success immediately. So why not go for smaller goals first? By going for the unreachable end will only put way too much pressure on yourself. Start with ‘I want to eat healthy for the next 10 days’, ‘I’m going to cut out all the sugar and the processed stuff’, ‘I am only going to cook with fresh ingredients for the next 5 days’, ‘I am going to make a detox for the next 3 days’, ‘I’m going to try this vegan thing for a week.’ – and then see what happens. You don’t need to set the goal for the end of the year, why should you if you could reach it in a few days? Start small, take small steps, and see what happens. If it makes your body feel good, then go on with it! Expand your own limits for another 10 days. You might just get used to these ‘new habits’.


As a little preview:

We both are going to try out something new when it comes to our diet.

Isabelle is going to try out the Kaleandme 3-day juice detox,

and Elaine is going to put herself in a 10 days no-sugar challenge.

We will both start in a few days. You can follow us on our Instagram accounts (@isabellegloria / @elaine_valerie) for daily updates, but we will also post the results about what happened on this blog, so stay tuned! :)


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