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“Yoga is a dance with life…”


Hello all!

There are personal projects that really come from heart… And today I’m going to share one of those with you. It’s something that I brought home from the Seychelles: my first Yoga-video.

It was lots of fun to make this video with my boyfriend at the beach and under palmtrees (which actually wasn’t that easy under the hot sun in the soft sand…). In the blogpost “Yoga in Paradise” I already told you about this vacation. Now the video is finally finished and I’m so happy to share it with you! :)

It’s been a desire for a long time to make my own personal video – to inspire and to express what I feel when I get myself into that very special ‘dance’. I call it a dance because Yoga is something flowing and endless to me – like life itself. With changes in direction. With time for standing still. With falling down. With emotional outbreaks. With sweat and diligence. With tears. With Joy.

You cannot dance passionately without feeling it with all your heart.
I feel like that when it comes to Yoga, too. When I decide to dedicate myself 100% to every movement and to every breath, then I can feel this unmistakable passion and joy deep inside of me. As well as the silence after each practice that spreads out in my whole body. And the beautiful silence that spreads in my mind.

Yoga changed my little world and transformed my life completely into something I just couln’t have imagined. I’m very grateful that I let myself in for taking this path.

I want to inspire others with this video to walk this endless path of Yoga as well, and of course I wanted to immortalize the beauty of the tropical Island La Digue.

Have fun watching it and best wishes,

Kamera: Black Spirit X (
Musik, Schnitt & Bearbeitung, Worte: Elaine Valerie
Armbänder: Isabelle Gloria Design

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