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How to connect with your spirit guides

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Spirit guides are non-emobodied beings chosen by your higher self that help you putting together a certain purpose and circumtances of a life before you are incarnating. You can imagine them as consultants for your soul that help you decide which challenges, circumstances, tests and gifts you choose for your next incarnation. They are responsible for helping us fulfill our spiritual contract and subtlely guide us through life once we’ve incarnated.

To perceive this brief definition you must understand yourself as a soul first. Many of us tend to identify with our current life, our personality, our gender, our appearance,.. but all of this is just a temporally limited expression that we chose before we came here. We are souls having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience… Your body works like a flesh suit that you need in order to incarnate on this planet. Your spirit guides help you play ‘dress up’ and choose the flesh suit (and the surrounding and requirements of that individual) with you that suits your planned experiences best. Everything you are was chosen by you beforehand.

Even if that might sound pretty silly for some of you, just try to stay open minded and feel, deep within yourself, if it does feel true to you. It is a pleasant feeling not to be alone, to have a guide, even though we don’t remember as soon as we’re born on this planet.


Who are your spirit guides?

Spirit guides are at varying levels of consciousness. Some of them might be ‘regular’ souls that are still incarnating but decided to guide some other soul in spirit. Others might be ascended masters who gently guide a lot of people at the same time with regard to awakening. Spirit guides might also be beings that have never been incarnated. Some guides stay with you throughout your entire life, others only help you in certain phases and you might ‘spiritually’ outgrow them due to your own soul progress.
They can also be deceased relatives who decide to stay with their family in spirit as a guide for as long as they’re still incarnated. Some guides are what we would call ‘extraterrestrial’ from a three dimensional perspective. You can have multiple spirit guides who are responsible in different areas of your life.


How do we perceive them?

If you want to perceive your spirit guides, watch for these signs:

Synchronicities: Your guides can communicate to you through synchronicities. They can arrange them to show you that you are on the right path or to get your attention if you should think twice about something. If you notice synchronicities in your life, think about what they could mean.

Downloads: ‘Downloads’ or ‘sudden knowledge’ can also be a message from your guides. You might walk along the street and suddenly some ‘realization’ pops into your head that rings true to you. Your guides might have sent you a message through thought… This could be something about a personal problem or a spiritual topic that could help you in your progress if you start researching what your guides gave you as a ‘quick start’.

Gut feeling, intuitive insight: Your guides can influence your gut feeling and ‘touch’ you energetically. This method is used by guides especially if you are in danger. If you have a gut feeling that you should change the side of the street at night, just do it.

Guides in disguise: Sometimes certain people come into your life who turn out to be your teacher. Either in a good or bad way. Those meetings can be arranged to tell you something or gently lead your way in a certain direction. Spirit guides can also arrange certain things to happen. Imagine you’re running late because your alarm clock didn’t work. You are annoyed and have to take another bus. You later find out that the bus you originally wanted to take had a break down which would have cost you even more time..
Remember that those ‘arrangements’ are never against your free will on a higher, spiritual level. Guides are really just guides, not manipulators.
I found a beautiful quote about that topic in the movie ‘Sucker Punch’:
“Everyone has an Angel. A Guardian who watches over us. We can’t know what form they’ll take. One day, old man. Next day, little girl. But don’t let appearances fool you, they can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they’re not here to fight our battles, but to whisper from our heart. Reminding that it’s us. Its everyone of us who holds power over the world we create.”


Direct contact

The best way to directly contact your spirit guides is through meditation and dreamtime. Connecting in dreamtime is a bit harder, so I’ll focus more on the possibilities in meditation:

Ask for contact
The first thing you want to do if you want to make contact to your spirit guides is to invite them to show themselves. They will act in the background unperceived for as long as you’re not actively asking them for personal contact. You can meditate and tell them in thoughts that you are open and ready for contact.
Don’t expect an answer right away. My own experience tells me that spirit guides act kind of shy and observe for a while before they show up.
You can also send some thoughts to them throughout your day. Something like ‘Hey spirit guides, I am ready to make contact with you. Please show yourself soon’.
They want to feel that you really want to connect with them. If you’re driven by ego and just want to know how they look, who they are, if you could benefit from them… they will still support you but they won’t show up because you’re not ready for it.

(Guided) meditation
A guided meditation is especially useful for those of you who have a hard time staying concentrated in meditations. A person is guiding you through a meditation with their voice. This is easier than meditating all by yourself for a lot of people. Just check out youtube for ‘guided spirit guide meditation’ and pick one that feels good to you.
Of course you can do a regular meditation as well. Start talking to your spirit guides in thoughts and see if you get any signs from them. Sometimes you see a picture of them in your head, you get a name, you get a message, you feel their presence… just try it out and talk to them like you would talk to a loved person. They will notice, even though they might not give you answers right away. They often show themselves in a appearance that the person who is calling them would acknowledge as some kind of ‘guardian’. If you like the concept of angels and imagine them with white, big wings, this is how your spirit guide might show up. If you are a very scientific person, they might show themselves as nebula or some kind of star dust without human features. Everythig is possible.

Contact in dreamtime
This one is a little harder, since you would first have to be able to remember your dreams very well. The concept is easy anyway: You connect with your guides in thought before going to bed and ask them to give you a message you need right now. You can also ask them questions or ask for their advice. You go to sleep with that intention that your guides will access you in dreamtime and give you guidance in your concern. Your dream is the ‘translation machine’ between you and your guide. You might be able to make sense of what you dreamt that night. You can try this technique every night before you go to sleep. Most likely you won’t remember too much, but the more you get used to going to bed with an intention, the more conscious it becomes.

Have fun finding out who your spirit guides are!


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