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Why painting is good for the Soul

Since my early childhood I’ve been painting, mostly with acrylic paint on canvas. I love getting all those dirty fingertips and how the colors blend into each other with each brush stroke. It’s so satisfying to see how an image comes alive on canvas that’s been born in my mind before.

Sadly often I don’t feel inspired enough to paint, or to even get out all my painting stuff. The act of simply preparing everything often exhausts me before I even can start. Daily life can be so busy that often I just feel ‚blank‘ when it comes to getting creative.
But every year around Christmas time I feel a sudden inspiration and creativity bubbling up, so I simply start painting. Maybe it’s that time of the year, maybe because there is nothing else at all that needs to be done.

I came up with several reasons why painting is ‘good for the soul’:
  • It calms the mind
  • You commit to the moment: painting brings you directly into the here and now
  • You devote yourself to your own creative power
  • You can go completely as messy, wild, ugly, detailed, angry, soft or meaningless as you wish, and the outcome doesn’t even have to make sense
  • The colors of your painting sooth the mind – it’s like a color therapy
  • The creative flow makes you feel good and boosts your creativity
  • Painting can be a form of meditation, too: just let your intuition flow freely when it comes to the choice of color, the topic what to paint, how you make the strokes or lines etc. It’s your inner voice talking to you.
  • It’s lots of when when you’re several people and you decide: ‘Hey, let’s all paint something now. We have one hour.’ And then just see what happens.

Don’t worry about the outcome – the process is the goal. It doesn’t even have to be paint on canvas. It could be pencils or watercolor. And you don’t need a certain ‚topic‘ or image. Just let the brush strokes intuitively blend into each other and let your subconscious mind choose what to paint.

There are also so many amazing coloring books for adults out there if you absolutley want to paint something that makes ‚sense‘. Just take a look for these books.

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