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The Reality Check

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“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
– Edgar Allan Poe

A lucid dream is a very vivid dream in which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. The dreamer can act and think completely conscious and is able to control his/her actions within the dream. A lucid dream is basically the same thing as astral projection (an out of body experience), whereas astral projection is inducted purposely, while a lucid dream just ‘happens’ to the dreamer while in dreamtime.

I’m starting this blog post with this brief definition because today’s topic is going to be about extremely vivid dreams. I’ve had a lot of very real, vivid and also lucid dreams within the past few years. I noticed that meditation and keeping a dream journal really helps to remember your dreams better. I’m absolutely sure dreamtime is more than just your body resting and your brain processing… To me it feels like another life, a parallel existence that we can’t remember very well once we are awake. Maybe our waking life just feels like another dream while you are dreaming? (Whew…! Complicated!)

When I remember my dreams, I often find myself in the same surroundings, with the same people or beings at the same places, doing similar things. Why would my brain process similar locations and things in a completely valid context like a storyline over and over again?

What I’ve experienced only a few weeks ago however, was the most realistic dream I have ever had. And at this point I’m not even sure anymore what ‘reality’ really means.
To explain what I mean, I need to strike out a little:
Recently I’m often ‘dreaming’ about a place that I seem to know very well. It is a modern, circular building in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields and only fields. This ‘station’ seems to have a beautiful purpose. A lot of people, human and not human, (other dreamers?) are working there and seem to built a ‘new’ and better version of the social system for those who are aiming for change in the future.

In this super realistic dream that I’m going to tell you about, I was walking along the fields not far away from the station. I was just strolling around, enjoying the sun and the serenity of that place.
Suddenly the dream turned lucid and I noticed that I was dreaming. I really concentrated on that realization and I deepened my consciousness about it. I remembered that I could control the dream and started to walk faster. I closed my eyes, turned my face to the sky, spread my arms and started running. I still concentrated intensely on the fact that I was in a lucid dream, because the more conscious I became about it, the more realistic my surroundings became.
I inhaled the air to the point that my lungs hurt. I couldn’t get enough because I could feel it, just like in ‘real life’ but I knew that I was dreaming! The feeling was beyond comprehension. I felt the air in my lungs, I could feel the grit beneath my shoe soles, the sun caressed my cheeks and turned the darkness behind my eyelids orange. I kept running faster and it came to my mind that I could fly. I jumped off the ground and hovered over the fields, I became faster and could control my flight with my thoughts, flying higher and higher, faster and faster. The whole scenario felt just as real as the rest of my dream and I can’t tell you how great that was!
The dream went on and nothing really happened, except me enjoying the moment and the realness of that dream. After a certrain amount of dreamtime I became unsure if it REALLY was a dream because I could not differentiate between waking life and the dream anymore. Not a bit – and that made me panic. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable and ‘lost’, so I started thinking about how I could find out if I was still dreaming. I remembered that I read about a practice called ‘reality check’.

In dreamtime, time and numbers in a threedimensional sense do not apply. If you look at a clock in dreamtime it might give you an illogical time like 48:30 or it changes to a wrong number after you quickly look away and then read the time again. I looked to my left and BAM there was a watch. I just created it with my thoughts. I think this is how higher dimensions work: Thought -> manifestation, without buffering time.
I did my reality check and noticed that I, indeed, was dreaming and immediately woke up.
After waking up I still felt very strange because I was still not completely sure if I was REALLY awake or just ‘woke up’ within the dream. I started to question what reality really is… Maybe one day I will wake up from this dream that I now call my waking life and I am like ‘Man, that was a crazy trip!’

Did you guys have similar experiences? Maybe we all meet in dream time, doing stuff, living multiple lives…?!


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