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Spiritual Workshop with Teal Swan

Teal Swan Synchronization Workshop Basel Switzerland 2016

Hello everybody!

Last week we went to Basel, Switzerland for a synchronization workshop with Teal Swan. Teal is a spiritual teacher, who was born with highly developed extrasensory abilities. That’s also why she became interesting for some shady ‘religious’ groups which confronted her with horrific sexual, ritual and mental abuse until she managed to escape at the age of 19. The horrendous harm within her soul forced her to find a way of healing in order to be able to even continue exisiting. Her progress and her personal way make her a great, spiritual inspiration.

We’ve been to one of her workshops last year which really inspired us and could be seen as a little ‘step stone’ in our own, spiritual progress. Read more about it HERE. Teals workshops are called ‘synchronization workshops‘ because the energies of the people in the room synchronize and the collective subconsciousness picks the most important questions which are then discussed on stage.And hell yes, that works. Also this time, we could project every topic that Teal talked about on stage onto out own lives. Even the smallest problems that we already recognized in ourselves were relentlessly adressed. A very insightful, but also very draining experience.

Other than at the last workshop, all participants were involved to directly do some soul work on-site. ‘Inner Child Work’ was the most emotional part for both of us. We can write a separate blog post about this whole topic in the future, explaining it fully would blow up this blog post. But shortly said: You (or someone else) channels energetically into the perspective of your inner child and communicates how it feels or what it desires. Everyobe has some (sometimes very deep) trauma from our childhood und has learned to swallow the pain. Reading this, it sounds like a session in a desperate self-help group, but don’t judge this practice before you tried it out for yourselves. This method is very powerful and highly emotional.

We also noticed how far we’ve come. At the first workshop last year, we got many new insights, some ‘blind spots’ were illuminated. This time, the processed topics resonated very much with us, but we didn’t have the ‘aha-moment’ like we had in the last workshop. The workshop almost felt like a mirror, right before our eyes saying ‘Here! These are the things you need to work on… but you already know.. just a little reminder’. ;)

If you want to know more about Teal, check our her website: She can also be found on Youtube!

All the best and until next time,
Elaine & Isabelle

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