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Yoga for the Crown-Chakra


The Crown-Chakra, also called Sahasrara, is located on top of the head, is opened towards the sky like a crown and it is the top chakra of the body.

If you want to work with this chakra energetically, you will have to do it in a more subtle way, as the crown chakra involves topics like belief, awareness of oneness, and the receiving of the messages ‘from above’.

But there are also some Asanas with which you can influence this chakra physically.


Yoga for the Sahasrara Chakra

All Asanas that stimulate the top of the head are perfect to practice.

Asanas to activate the crown-chakra:

  1. Sirsasana – the headstand (see photo above)
  2. Sasangasana – the rabbit (see photo below. Great for beginners who can’t or won’t practice full headstand, yet.)
  3. Salamba Sirsasana – headstand-variation
  4. Tadasana – the mountain pose
  5. Sukhasana – der easy seat with crossed legs / meditation-seat



From the lowest to the highest

Crown-chakra activating postures, as well as Asanas in which you can meditate a little longer, and in which you can establish the connection from the bottom to the top, are perfect to influence the Sahasrara.

You will have to start with the grounding in the lowest chakra, the Muladhara. If you’re not stable enough here,  the energy won’t be able to flow freely up to the top. That’s why it’s important to work with all the chakras and never forget working with the lower ones as well.

Meditation – is a perfect way to work with the crown chakra. For example: the moment after a yoga class, right after Savasana, is great to get into the easy cross-legged seat once more for another few minutes to start listening to the messages that come down to you from ‘above’. Maybe you will ‘see’ pictures in your mind. Maybe you will ‘hear’ words. Some of them might be unimportant, but some others just might have a message for you. This moment after Savasana is good to sink deeply into meditation because the body is totally relaxed and the mind is  prepared.

All is one – Maybe, during meditation, you will get this certain feeling of ‘connectedness’ with everything that is. This could only be a brief moment, like an illumination, but also last for a longer while. The crwon chakra is made to experience this feeling. No words can describe it, it is more a ‘knowledge’ that comes from very deep inside. Nature is connected with everything. The roots of the trees are connected with each other and form a great network. Why else could all trees possibly ‘know’ when it’s time to let the leaves fall? Nature has its own consciousness, and all beings that live in it, are a part of it, too. With the crown chakra it’s possible to get this feeling of ‘all is one’.


This post is the last of our ‘Mantras – Mudras – and Yoga’ – Chakra-series, but tomorrow we will give you another little overview to find all the posts easily.

Lots of love and have fun with the practice, meditation and visualisation! :)

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