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Crown Chakra Mantra and Mudra

Crown Chakra Mudra
The crown chakra (Sahasrāra in sanskrit) is the seventh of the main chakras and it is located outside of the physical body just above the head.
It opens upward and connects us to the ethereal realm and the divine consciousness. It is responsible for the connection to the highest expression of ourselves and the very origin of our existence. The crown chakra is the connection to the ‘big picture’, to the oneness of all things, to the soul contract. It is not responsible for any personality-related topics. It holds the highest form of understanding for all things in existence. The crown chakra is a highly spiritual ‘connection point’ and not easily accessed or opened in a physical realm. The crown chakra is the ‘straw’ our soul clutches at when it decides to incarnate as a physical body.

It is said that people can achieve a condition of total inner peace, enlightenment and a feeling of completion when they can open their crown chakra fully (assuming that all the other chakras are developed completely and free of blockages). You would call these people ‘angels on earth’ or ‘ascended masters’, like Jesus for example.
The crown chakra can also be open or active to a degree without you being ‘enlightened’ ;).

The signs for an open or rather closed crown chakra can be:

An opened crown chakra

If your crown chakra is open, you will have a highly developed intuition and ‘know’ things without needing any rational evidence. You believe in the truth of your own ‘unexplainable’ knowledge. You have a deep insight into life and how everything is related to each other. You see the bigger picture (I’m talking about the big, big picture… the condition even before the all known ‘there will be light’).
You feel a guidance in your life that goes far beyond any human support, emotional stability or religious enrichtment. You feel totally interconnected with the ethereal world. You understand yourself as an expression of god (source) and perceive your own existence as absolutely fundamental. You hold an inner peace within and accept things as they are, because you realize that every situation, every circumstance or struggle is part of a bigger play, a divine, infinite game that is perfect just as it is.

A blocked crown chakra

If your crown chakra is blocked you could feel like you were in the middle of the ocean, floating, not knowing where to swim. You lack some meaning in life eventhough you might be successfull in your job, have a happy family and several hobbies that you enjoy. You feel an inner loneliness and separation even if you’re surrounded by people. You might ask yourself what is the point in living life the way most people do. You feel powerless, paralyzed and stuck. The world might be a serious and dark place for you, there’s always this black veil that’s even covering the happy times. You’re attached to physical things and you try to impress people with designer clothes, huge cars, a great house and so on… You might buy a lot of stuff that you don’t need and think it would make you happy, but in the end it never does.

Crown Chakra MudraMudra & Mantra

Connect the tips of your pinky fingers and of your thumbs and spread out the other fingers. You could think of this as a crown or a lotus flower. Place your hands above your head where your crown chakra is located and imagine your hands as a ‘channel’ for the divine energy received through your crown chakra. Close your eyes and and breathe in slowly. Imagine golden energy flowing directly from source through the ‘crown’ of your hands into your body. Feel the connection and the innermost feeling that you are part of something bigger that you might imagine. Every time you breathe out you can also use the mantra ‘OM’ if it feels good.

Stay tuned for tomorrows post. The last one of this chakra series.

All the best,

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