Asana Chakra Yoga

Yoga for the Third Eye


The Third Eye, or also called Ajna-chakra, is an important energy vortex of the body when it comes to spiritual development.

Like Isabelle told you yesterday, the Third Eye is an energy center that can be ‘trained’, like all the other chakras, too. With an open Third Eye it’s possible to notice more suble things around us that are going on, like the energies of other people for example.

There are Asanas with which we can physically stimulate the ajna chakra, but it’s a good idea to add meditation, visualization, sounds, colors, mudras and mantras to the process. The further up you go in the chakra order, the more subtle they become, and the physical aspect becomes less important.


Yoga for the Ajna Chakra

Asanas in which your forehead touches something – like the floor or other parts of the body – are great exercises for the Ajna chakra.

Asanas for the Third Eye:

  1. Uttanasana – the standing forward fold
  2. Balasana – child’s pose (see photo)
  3. Paschimottanasana – the seated forward fold
  4. Anjali Mudra on the forehead – lie on your back, the soles of the feet on the ground, knees touching each other


More methods

Drishti – the Sanskrit-word für ‘seeing’ oder ‘sight’.While practicing Yoga your eyes fixate a certain point (like the tip of your nose, your hand or the ceiling) and your eyes don’t wander around in the room. This helps in finding the focus and to keep it, internally and externally. The view can be pointed towards the inside, too, to realise what we keep inside of us.
With the help of your drishti you can also train your Third Eye to become more focused, and to become aware of it.

Visualisation – the visual imagination in your mind. When using this method you really can sense your idea so much that you can feel, taste, smell and hear it. It becomes ‘alive’ in your thoughts. This is a very powerful tool to manifest ideas, and we’re going to tell you more about it in more detail on the blog soon.

Tapping on your forehead – This is a physical method to become aware of your Third Eye: close your eyes, take a finger of your choice and gently start tapping on your forehead on the spot slightly above and between the eyebrows. You will immediately feel a tickling sensation that will last for a few moments even after you stopped with the tapping.


Tomorrow you can find more information about the crown chakra on the blog, so stay tuned! 

Lots of Love,

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