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Third Eye Chakra Mudra and Mantra

Third Eye Chakra Mudra
The chakra located on the center of your forehead between your eyebrows is called the ‘third eye’ chakra (Ajna in sanskrit).
This chakra stands for consciousness, awareness and occult knowledge. (‘occult’ is nothing evil, the word only means ‘hidden, secret’ or ‘beyond knowledge of the mainstream’). The third eye is also the place were our insights are energetically processed and through which we are able to experience supernatural cognition and abilities. It is the chakra that is related to the manifestation of thoughts into things, to the ability to visualize vividly and manifest wishes through intent focus. On top of that the third eye chakra is also connected to a part in our brain. The ‘pineal gland’ is a ‘little organ’ within our brain that is responsible for our understanding of the bigger picture. If your pineal gland is calcified through things like an unhealthy diet or fluoridated water you will not be as open to paranormal or ‘out of the norm’ things. An open ‘third eye’ (no or little calcification) means that you have a natural connection to your higher self, to a higher consciousness and your spiritual intuition. This means that spirituality is not only a thing to ‘believe’ in, it is possible that some people’s pineal gland is so inactive, they actually can’t feel any spiritual connection…
The ‘third eye’ is often used in negative context, but be not be fooled by that. You third eye is nothing to fear or nothing ‘evil’. It can be the most powerful ’tool’ to understand the broader reality of our multidimensional universe and to gain actual insight and knowledge into the mystery of life and existence.

My third chakra is very active and I’m all about diving really (I mean REALLY) deep into spiritual and so called ‘paranormal’ stuff. Although I love it, it’s not always that easy. Through my missing grounding (I’m talking about it HERE), I have little connection to the third dimension and the feeling of ‘not belonging on earth’ gets intensified through my super active third eye chakra. I’m also super aware of most of my subconscious beliefs and can’t ‘go easy on myself’. There’s always popping up new stuff to work on, new insights, new thought patterns I can decode. It’s the same with other people – I often see someone and literally can read off their energy how they ‘tick’ and what their problem is. If they don’t realize it for themselves that can be very exhausting, haha!

You can check if your third eye is open or rather closed by the following symptoms:

An open third eye chakra

If your third eye is active or open you have a great imagination. You can visualize things or situations in your head very vividly and real. You are able to make the jump from ‘idea’ to ‘detailed imagination’. Inventors for example use their third eye for thought experiments and therefore find a way to invent something that actually works in the end.
You are very self-aware and able to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, without suppressing the negative ones but by actually transforming them. You might have the ability to energetically charge your thoughts and send them through telepathic communication to someone else. You are able to sense things that are not obvious. With an open eye chakra you might be able to read people without knowing them. You don’t need to know someone to know their energy. You might be able to predict events, almost like a fortune teller.

A third eye chakra out of balance

If your third eye chakra is blocked you might have nightmares and make up ‘worst case scenarios’ in your head all the time. You don’t really know how to plan things because you can’t imagine how things will turn out and get overwhelmed by fear. Your thoughts are chaotic, you don’t have many ideas, your thoughts don’t blend well with each other and you feel an ‘inner fight’. You might have problems to learn new things and your unsteady mind keeps you stressed. In extreme cases you can develop schizophrenia, delusional thinking and extreme fear of the unknown. Your missing natural connection to paranormal ‘out of the norm’ things makes you incredibly afraid of them.

Third Eye Chakra Mudra

You can use the shown mudra as supporting method while you are meditating. Place the outside of your middle fingers against each other, the tips of all other fingers touch. The mudra holds the energy of ‘something hidden’ that wants to be unlocked. Try it for yourself, close your eyes and just feel what I mean. The hidden part stands for the activation of your third eye. It wants to be ‘unlocked’. You can use this mudra in combination with the following mantra and meditation technique.



The mantra of the third eye chakra is AUM or OM. OM might be the most famous one and is associated with clairvoyance.
Close your eyes and take deep breaths until you feel calm and slip into a meditative state. Focus on the center of your forehead, just where the third eye chakra is located. Imagine a white light on your pineal gland that frees it from all the blockages and calcifications. Bathe your pineal glan (third eye) in the healing light. It’s not unusual to feel a strong tingling in your brain. Just go with it. Try to open your third eye with your physical eyes closed. Feel the ‘lid’ lifting slowly and say or whisper ‘OM’ with every try to lift your ‘eyelid’. Imagine yourself seeing through your third eye and really concentrate on the process. If it works, there might be a millisecond of super vivid ‘sight’. In the beginning it mostly is just a flash of white light until you practice and the image starts to become clearer and clearer. It might take a few tries to succeed but keep on trying!


Let us know about your experiences with opening your third eye!

All the best,

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