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Throat Chakra Mudra and Mantra

Throat Chakra Mudra
The throat chakra (also called ‘Vishuddha’ in sanskrit) is the center of communication. It is placed in the area of the larynx and is responsible for the way we express ourselves verbally and creatively. It stands for self-determination and independence and gives us the possibility to communicate our thoughts to others openly. It is the place where a healthy balance between thinking and speaking should rule. Our throat chakra helps us to speak our own truth in the threedimensional reality. If gives us the chance to express what we believe in, to communicate what we think of certain things. You surely know the typical ‘frog in the throat’. That uncomfortable feeling of a lump you’re trying to swallow if you would like to say something but decide to remain silent. This lump could be seen as energy, words, feelings that want to be expressed through the throat chakra (through verbal or any other communication). Even now, while I am writing, my throat chakra is active and flourishing because I am communicating my message to you. You see, the throat chakra is not only to be seen as a tool to verbally communicate but also as the storage place for communicative, expressive energy. It is also responsible for the way we express ourselves nonverbally. How we behave, what we decide to wear, if our appearance is a self confident ‘here I am’ or ‘I’d rather be not here’.

A balanced throat chakra

If your throath chakra is balanced you will not have problems to express yourself verbally and nonverbally. You’re communicative, you can express yourself eloquently and you also understand what others are trying to tell you. You are good with words and understand hints ‘between the lines’. You are good at expressing your feelings and decode other people’s emotions. You communicate your feelings, thoughts, personal realizations without fear or hesitation. You are open for new input, inspiration or perspectives of others.

A throat chakra our of balance

Signs that your throat chakra is out of balance are shyness and suspension, problems with public speaking or even face-to-face conversations. You might feel like the most introvert person ever… so much is going on in your head but you somehow fear to express it and speak your own truth.  You are not able to communicate your thoughts, feelings, wishes or fears openly and it even seems that if you try to communicate something, people don’t really understand what you’re trying to say. It can happen that you feel as if you were ‘ignored’ in conversations with multiple people, as if your voice was silent and as if they wouldn’t notice you’ve said something. Other signs for a blocked throat chakra can be speech disorders or stuttering.
The other extreme is over-communication. You might talk very much but never listen. You might tend to lie to people in order to get attention. Other people are annoyed by it but you keep on pushing yourself in the center of conversations.

Throat Chakra Mudra

Vishuddha Mudra focuses directly on the throat chakra. Interlace your fingers on the inside of your hands, thumbs are touching. Imagine the connecting point of your thumbs as the point of your own personal truth. All your untold words, all the swallowed fears or the supressed anger is stored there peacefully. Close your eyes or leave them open, just as it feels better for you and start breathing in slowly. Imagine the energy of your connection point rushing trough your body up to your throat chakra. While breathing out, imagine the energy flowing through your throat chakra out of your body. Try this as often as you wish until you feel some kind of relief. You can also think of certain things that you’re afraid to say and communicate them at least energetically, just for you.



The mantra for the throat chakra is ‘HAM‘. You can use the little practice above in combination with this mantra. Just breathe out saying the mantra ‘HAM’.


Does some of the above remind you of yourselves?
This little summary of the throat chakra was not the end of our chakra teachings. Stay tuned for tomorrow!


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