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Heart Chakra Mudra and Mantra

Heart Chakra Mudra Mantra Unlocked

The heart chakra (‘Anahata’ in saksrit) is located around the heart area of the body and is the center of the main chakra system. It is responsible for the ability to feel unconditional love for yourself and others, for the nature and for perceiving love for the cosmos and the connection to all that is.
The Anahata makes us empathic and lets us see behind the ‘veils’ of a person. The heart chakra directly connects to another person’s heart chakra and gets in touch with the raw, inner being of a person independently of how they behave ‘on the outside’. Similar to the Solar Plexus (read about it HERE), the heart chakra is also part of our inner guidance system and intuitive ‘gut’ feeling. Many healers who are working with healing energy use their heart chakra as a ‘filter’ to ‘purify’ or strenghten the energy before they let it flow through their hands into another person’s energy system.

In its purest, most aligned state, nothing but unconditional love to all that is is flowing through the heart chakra… but this isn’t the case for most people. I even dare to say that no one on the planet, no matter how enlightened they may be, can only feel unconditional love to ALL that is.
Besides the fact that there are many shitty things on earth which you may be able to accept for the sake of your own peace but not to unconditionally love, that would mean to shut off all the lower chakras completely and living in a ‘Nirvana like’ state. I’m not saying it is impossible, but I think it is super hard work… and does it really serve our expansion? We incarnated into this realm to experience life as a human being with all aspects of it. The good and bad. From a very high perspective, ultimately there is no ‘good and bad’ in an universal sense. Everything that happens, may it be beautiful or horrible has an universal right to be here, to be expressed. But anyway, there is this feeling of ‘acceptable’ and ‘inacceptable’ ringing inside of us that guides us the way to better ourselves. Doesn’t it? Imagine yourself to unconditionally love EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. There’s this serial killer who just killed ten people in a row and you’re like ‘Oh I love you just the way you are. You are beautiful’. Or the pedophile next door neighbour who just was found guilty to harrass little children. ‘No matter what you do, I’ll always support you!’. You see,.. as long as there are still people on the planet who are not aligned with their ability to feel unconditional love, the concept doesn’t add up.
Negativity should never be answered with more negativity. It should be answered with love and light, to actually help those people who are going astray. But unconditional love in our threedimensional reality, which has so many more aspects of love than only the highest form, more feels like a ‘cover up’ and ignorance to the parts in our system that still need to be healed.
Imagine if one of your family members was suicidal, you would do everything to help them get better, even if that means they’ll have to suffer while working through all the pain that caused their desperate state. You wouldn’t unconditionally love and accept them as they are in their suicidal state, you would detect something is ‘wrong’ and you would want to help them!

Your heart chakra is helping you in this process. Try to see it as the center point for the layers of love. The raw core is unconditional love, but there are layers of love who are filtered through the design and also useful to it (with ‘design’ I mean our threedimensional reality with all aspects like polarity, time, space, gravity…). On top of the different layers of love, there are the layers who may keep you distant from love. After every shattered relationship, after big dissappointments or indignity through another being you close your heart to love and built up layer upon layer of ‘protection’. These walls are energetically stored in your heart chakra and make it harder for you to give love but also receive love. These layers can only be teared apart in a gentle process of self love and trust. Many relationships fail because both people involved are afraid to REALLY open up their heart and give the other one the ability to shatter them completely and the trust that they wont.

Our heart chakra is holding both, the most beautiful and the most fragile energy and is one of the most emotional chakras to work on. Some signs for an either blocked or balanced heart chakra are:

A heart chakra in balance

If your heart chakra is balanced, you will ‘pick’ your friends by vibes, not apperances or social state. You are able to be empathic and you feel connected to the world on a heart level. You understand the inner world of other people and you like to be social. You may tend to listen to your heart (‘gut’ feeling) rather than make logical decisions. You are able to take on responsibility for something or someone and you feel called to help people in their own process.

A heart chakra out of balance

If your heart chakra is out of balance, you will try to seem very ‘cool’ and ‘chilled’ because it feels uncomfortable to you to actually show yourself with all the feelings and vulnerability. Your inhibited or blocked flow of love will make you prone to addictive behaviour in any way. You might not be able to be affectionate or sensitive and romantic behaviour makes you feel utterly uncomfortable. You are also not able to receive love and ‘play cool’ or ‘get stiff’ if someone is sending love to you in any form.

Heart Chakra Mudra Unlocked

The Anahata mudra is used in relation with the heart chakra a lot. You form a circle with your index finger and thumb or your right hand. The other fingers are relaxed. Raise your hand up to the center of your chest and place your hand on your heart. You can use this mudra in combination of the Mantra mentioned below.



The mantra to activate the flow within your heart chakra is ‘YAM’. You can repeat it flowingly (like ‘yamyamyamyam…’) in a meditative state in your own way and speed. You can say it out loud or whisper it. Try to elongate the sound of the ‘m’ while speaking. Place your right hand flat or as the Anahata mudra on your chest (heart area) and imagine a spark of white energy buried deep inside your heart. With the elongated ‘m’ of every ‘YAM’ mantra, the spark gets bigger and bigger until the light fills your whole heart, torso, body, room… and so on. Fill yourself and your surroundings with love and light and sense what it does to you.


As we go higher and higher in chakras, the topics are getting more complex. I love it!
I hope you enjoyed it, too! 

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