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Solar Plexus Chakra Mudra and Mantra

Solar Plexus Chakra Mudra Mantra Unlocked Heart

Solar plexus (‘manipura’ in sanskrit) is the name of the third main chakra located in the abdomen in the area of the navel.The name is coming from the latin word ‘solaris’ (sun) and plexus (interwined).

The manipura affects our sense of ego and self-confidence, it guides us in our intentions and purposes and is connected to the achieving of our goals. How well you can achieve the things you wish to achieve is connected to the energies within your solar plexus chakra. It helps us to make decisions, to strive for our goals and to actually believe in making them happen.

I’m sure we all have experienced this bad feeling in our stomach when something seems not ‘right’. The ‘stone’ in our stomach that almost makes you feel sick when you think about something that you should do, but do not want to. You know what I am talking about, right? You could see our solar plexus chakra as part of an inner guidance system that you should absolutely listen to. I can only speak from my own experience, but my ‘gut instinct’ never led me astray. It was always right, I only chose not to listen to it sometimes and therefore learned my lesson.

The solar plexus has a lot to do with our personality as well. Our ego is completely dependent on our personality, it is addicted to it and identifies itself only with that personality and with what this personality can do ‘better’ compared to others. Ego wants to be on top, ego wants to be superior. Ego wants to be appreciated and to be looked up to. It does not indentify too much with the spiritual being that is beyond the personality.
Imagine a human being with all the seven main chakras. The first three are predominantly active and the other ones are barely active. This person would live life by the following energies: Root (basic instincts), sacral (sexual drive, emotions) and solar plexus (ego and striving for goals and power).

Believe me or not, this person would not be very nice to be around. The first three chakras only make a person (personality) ‘tick’ in some way. Some emotions are mixed in (mostly only about themselves…) but not even the heart chakra or ‘higher’ energies are activated yet.
There you have it. The energetic recipe for the prototype of an ego-based, calculating, brain-focused personality that is completely unaware of their spiritual self and only able to strive for power and superior positions.
Let me just scratch the surface if I tell you that some of the most powerful people on the planet are – on purpose – made to not really use more than those three chakras.. and this is not a compliment for the way this world is ruled.

You see, chakras are always related to each other and I only emphasize the extremes to make you understand the main characteristics.

In your personal life symptoms for a blocked or perfectly fine solar plexus chakra could be:

A balanced solar plexus chakra

If your solar plexus chakra is in alignment, you will feel self confident and you will know what you want. You also will know the steps that you have to go to achieve your goals, you will sense that you have a ‘purpose’ and strive after it. You will be able to move forward and little struggles won’t make you feel ‘stuck’ in a situation. You might have a ‘warrior’ trait to your personality.

A solar plexus chakra out of balance

If your manipura is out of balance you might suffer from low self-esteem and struggle with making decisions on your own. You might not know how to listen to your intuition or ‘gut feeling’. It’s possible that you are not even aware of it and don’t know what people talk about if they mention their ‘gut feeling’. You might tend to make decisions based on other peoples opinions. For example: you ask all your friends about a topic and then make a ‘pro and contra’ like decision based on their opinions and advice. It also can swing into control issues and the absolute panic of losing control in any situation. May it be relationships, at work or even the small things like driving to the supermarket on your own because you don’t trust your friend to not get into a car accident on this 5 minute drive…
On the other hand it can also be the other way around: too much self-esteem, feeling always right even if it’s obvious that you are wrong, the inability to actually admit you were wrong and to say sorry.

Solar Plexus Mudra Mantra Unlocked Heart

A good mudra for the solar plexus is the Uttarabodhi mudra. The index fingers touch one another and are extended. The other fingers are crossed. The index fingers can point to the sky or straight forward. Just feel which version you like better. The energy of this mudra should feel focused and supremely powerful.



The mantra of the solar plexus chakra is ‘RAM’. An easy way to use this mantra is to say it out loud in a meditative state, then slowly breathe a few times, then whisper it. Again, breathing. Say it our loud, breath again, whisper.. and so on.
You can try it for yourself how it makes you feel. The energy might me stronger when you say it out loud. You might feel more powerful. But the point of this practice is to feel the power in the whispering. In the most peaceful way of speaking.
If you’ve done the loud and whispering mantras a few times, only think ‘RAM’ and feel that the powerful energy is still flowing through you. Power does not have to be loud, it can be silent.


Stay tuned for Elaine’s post about the solar plexus tomorrow and leave us a feedback how you like our little chakra teachings so far!

Talk to you soon,

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