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Sacral Chakra Mudra and Mantra

Sacral Chakra Posture Mudra Unlocked Heart

The sacral chakra is the second main chakra and is located in the body abreast with the sacrum. The energy is absorbed from the front, so the flow goes through the chakra and out of the body on the back. The sacral chakra also called Svādhisthāna in sanskrit is associated with the lust for life, relationships, ambition, sexuality and the living in the ‘now’.
It mostly is known as the ‘sexual chakra’ but another very important thing about the sacral chakra is, that it is directly connected to our emotions and the complexity of them. It is the center of pure creation, not only in an artsy way, but in a godly ‘creator’ way.

The sacral chakra is responsible for things like our sexual identity, our ability or inability to ‘let go’ in terms of physical and also emotional intimacy, it plays a big role in creativity and the general organization of doing things. I think blockages in the sacral chakra are the ones that are the hardest to ‘detect’ because it is responsible for very intuitive things like emotions and creativity but also for natural, almost primal things like sex and the drive to breed.

If you are a very creative person and ideas just seem to fly to you without any effort you would think your sacral chakra is very well balanced and you have no reason to really look after it.
Imagine your creative drive grows even more, you live your creativity to the fullest, your head is alway filled with new ideas and you’re constantly planning them mentally. You would even less think that there’s some imbalance within your sacral chakra, right? But here’s the trap: Your creativity (which is energetically ‘located’ in the sacral chakra) permanently distracts you from ‘living in the now moment’. So one ‘topic’ of the second/sacral chakra (creativity) plays out the other aspect of the chakra (living in the now).

I hope this little example helped you to you get the idea why I personally think about the sacral chakra as a tricky one to understand.

The symptoms of an imbalanced or rather balanced sacral chakra are the following:

A balanced sacral chakra

If your sacral chakra is very balanced, you will be able to live life to the fullest. You will love to really LIVE every moment with ambition and impetus. You will tend to be spontaneous and just ‘go with it’. Creative tasks and exploiting your talents will add to your devotion towards the stream of life.

A sacral chakra out of balance

If your sacral chakra is out of balance you might feel a lack of motivation and the inability to just enjoy life. Even the enjoyable moments tend to feel dull or as if they’re ‘too good to be true’ (thought patterns like ‘I feel too good right now, something bad must be happening soon…’). You might either feel a lack of sexual drive or the opposite of it. Also sexually ‘abnormal’ people who are willing to go against the law or hurt people for the sake of their own sexual pleasure or satisfaction, hold an imbalance within the sacral chakra on an very extreme level. Of couse this adds to other factors, but I think it’s neccessary to point out that extreme that goes along with a sacral chakra that’s the complete opposite of healthy and balanced. The other way around, sexually harrased or abused people hold their traumas in the energetic area of the sacral chakra. Because it is also responsible for our creative nature, victims of sexual violation not only suffer from problems in their sexual life, but also suffer from the inability to simply live life again. Can you see where the pattern of abusers who were abused as children themselves is coming from?

Sacral Chakra Posture Mudra Unlocked Heart


You can use a mudra to support the balance within your sacral chakra. On the photo you can see how I form my hands like a little cradle. This mudra is called Dhyana in sanskrit. The right hand lays in the left hand, the tips of the thumbs can also touch but don’t have to. The meridians that are located in the fingers correspond with each other in a way that feels loving and energy-filling. Connect mentally to your inner and outer genitals (if you are a woman, especially connect to your womb, the place of pure life force) and feel the love you have for this parts of your bodies. That sounds weird, I know. But the resistance to feel love for your womb or genitals is already a sign that you are not in alignment with a healthy sacral chakra. Just allow it and improve your ability to love yourself entirely.



The mantra that corresponds to the second chakra is VAM. I already explained how mantras work in the post about the root chakra. Just click HERE to read about how to use the mantra. You can just hum ‘VAM’ while exhaling in a relaxed meditative state. Concentrate on your second chakra, feel the area and observe the sensations in your body. Try a revision of 15 times, 15 breaths. Make a short break and breath normally again . Do 15 more outbreaths with the mantra ‘VAM’. This also can ease period pains or can help with the absence of menorrhea.

I hope this post was informative for you and that you could learn a little more about the chakras. Stay tuned for Elaines following post. She will show you some Yoga asanas for the sacral chakra.


Love and talk to you soon,

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