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Yoga for the Root Chakra


Hello there!

Yesterday Isabelle already told you a lot about the root chakra.
Today I want to tell you a little more about some corresponding Asanas.

Because Yoga postures can be a wonderful way to work with the chakras, too.

Always when I decide to work with a certain chakra (for instance because I want to work on a personal topic oder when I feel pain, discomfort or blockages in that area of the body), then I prefer to get deeply into an Asana and to stay in it for several minutes in meditation.
Isabelle already gave you some tips how mudras and sounds can affect a chakra and help as well. So you could easily add a hand-mudra to a yoga posture and sing the siutable sound at the same time.


Yoga for the Root Chakra

When it comes to the root chakra, my personal topics often are ‘basic trust’ and mostly ‘grounding’. I feel the need to address these topics from time to time, because I tend to let my head float above the clouds a lot. And when that’s the case again, I need something to ‘bring me down, back to earth’. I feel this especially during my yoga practice when I lack stability and grounding, when I wiggle around without control in Asanas and when I can’t balance.

That’s why I want to show you some very easy postures how to work with the Muladhara Chakra:

  1. Baddha Konasana – the butterfly, with soles of the feet touching (you can see this posture on the photo above)
  2. Sukhasana – to sit cross-legged
  3. Malasana – to squat down
  4. Padmasana – the lotus seat (or the half Lotus seat with only one foot, if the full version feels too much)
  5. Virasana – to sit on your heels as an alternative (or if your knees hurt: try to sit on a pillow)




Whenever I want to feel more grounded, I sit down in one of the postures I mentioned above and concentrate on my breath first. A steady, deep and calm breath is the key to a calm mind.
Then I slowly switch to the Ujjayi-breath and let my consciousness sink down deeply into the first chakra. Sometimes it can help to tense and release the pelvic floor a few times to really physically ‘feel’ the chakra and to be able to locate it.
Then I imagine it beginning to glow in a bright red color, becoming brighter and brighter. When I really can feel it pulsating physically, then I start with the grounding process. For this I imagine my body to sink deeply and heavily into the ground, more and more. or I imagine some roots growing into the ground that help me to really mindfully anchor myself in the here and now.

Of course this works best in nature, because outside it’s easier to connect with the ground. But a place that feels safe to you will work as good as well: this could be your little special place at home.


There are so many more Asanas, but I will limit myself on these few here for now as in my opinion it’s not about quantity, but all about quality. You could simply just choose one of the Asanas above and stay in it for a while in meditation so that your mind really can dive into the meditation and your body has the chance to calm down completely.


I hope that I was able to inspire you a little!

All the best wishes,

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