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The root chakra, also called base chakra (sanskrit: muladhara), is located at the base of the spine and is the first chakra of the 7 main chakras most teachings and healing techniques are refering to. It is sometimes said that the root chakra is the most important one, since it connects us to the physical world and is the very ‘root’ of our being. I personally think all of the chakras are equally important but I noticed that imbalances and ‘clogged’ emotions tend to sit very persistently in the lower chakras, especially in the root chakra. This might not apply to everyone though, since the root chakra is one of the chakras I’m still failing to keep balanced.

The muladhara is the most primal chakra of all. It holds the survival and flight instinct, the animalistic nature of human beings, our sense of safety and security within society and in interpersonal concerns. It is the energetic place within the body that holds our life energy and from which we draw that energy in portions.

The root chakra is also the one that keeps us grounded to planet Gaia, the threedimensional realm and physical life in general.

Every event or situation that threatened our basic survival is energetically ‘stored’ as trauma or blockage in the root chakra. Many people experience blockages in the root chakra, even if they can not think about a situation in which they feared for their life. Since the base chakra is so interconnected with our phsyical roots, it is also connected with our physical ancestors (who could have been us ourselves, in past incarnations…) and therefore holds a lot of ‘stuff’ from your ancestry lineage. War, rape, famine, natural disasters… the energetic and emotional imprint of all of these experiences can be stored secretly within your first chakra and are handed down from generation to generation (from your one incarnation to your next incarnation). These traumas create unconscious behaviour patterns until we finally realize these patterns and are ready to release them.


No chakra is ever independent from the other ones, but there are some symptoms (positive and negative ones) that you can refer to if you want to find our which of your chakras are most in alignment with their natural, healthy state and which of your chakras are a little out of balance.

Some of the symptoms for the root chakra are:

A balanced root chakra

If your root chakra is balanced you will be able to keep material prosperity in your life most of the time. You will feel a natural, deep trust into the world and sense a genereal well being and satisfaction with life. You will feel grounded, settled and centered. There’s a natural persuasion that you are safe and secure on this planet . You will easily accept and acknowledge basic needs.

An imbalanced root chakra

If your root chakra is out of balance you will feel disconnected from the world, ungrounded and unsettled. You might experience a lack of energy from time to time and the inability to manifest abundance into your life. You will be annoyed by basic needs and feel the unimportance or insignificance of them. You might be overly aware of your spiritual existence seperate from the physical realm and therefore feel ‘trapped’ in your own body.

The symptoms vary from person to person and can show themselves very differently regarding to which other chakras are active or inactive. Some people might have very active higher chakras (spiritual and universal connection) and a lot of consciousness and feel as if they are ‘not from this world’ if they have a blocked root chakra. A person with the same blockage that is very unconscious might get very unsatisfied and agressive without knowing why.
For me personally, the first example is the case. It’s easy and comfortable for me to work with my higher chakras and I believe they are quite balanced. The lower I go, the harder it gets.  I hold some deep trauma within the lower chakras and I already know where it is rooting from. It’s not ancenstry ‘ballast’ I’m unconscious about, I experienced things that threatened my survival (physically and emotionally) in this life time and these experiences are still energetically stuck within my lower chakras, mostly root. I hold a strong resistance against working with my root chakra and I feel alienated from the physical realm and the threedimensional life most people choose to live. I don’t want to force myself too much to work on my root chakra. I gently try some healing techniques from time to time, but my experience told me that if you live a conscious life and listen to your inner world, the things that need to be worked on will unfold themselves. If there is a blockage in a certain chakra, it is still there for a reason. If you are ready to work on it, you will be able to do it without forcing yourself. You can’t force your subconscious mind to heal, you can only let it become conscious gently and therefore heal itself. Especially the root chakra is the one that needs to be treated with carefulness. Because it is the very base of our being,  it realignes all the other chakras if there is some energetic change within the chakra. Some gentle but supportive techniques to heal or ‘activate’ the flow within your root chakra are mudras and sound therapy.



The mudra for the root chakra is the one you will most likely know from typical meditation poses. You connect the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger and therefore create a energetic flow that activates your root chakra through the alignment of some meridians in your fingers. Try to hold this mudra for about 15 minutes and observe how it makes you feel. I know this is a super subtle posture, but you will feel the flow if you observe your body and concentrate on the sensations within.



LAM is the sound of the root chakra. Chanting or toning sounds can influence your body (and your chakras) through vibration. Think of a song that really resonates with you and makes you shiver.. this is energy flowing through your body, activated by the vibration of the song. That’s whats happening on a less obvious, but more specific level with mantra sounds. The vibrations that rush through your body while you are using the mantra ‘LAM’ directly corresponds to the root chakra.

I hope you liked this little insight into the teaching of chakras. Elaine will add some yoga poses for the root chakra in a following post soon. We will go through all the other chakras as well in the following weeks and give you a summary that you can come back to from time to time.



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