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Samhain – The Tradition of Halloween


Samhain is an ancient feast that is being celebrated from sunset on October 31st until sunrise on November 1st. It’s one of the 4 great feasts of the year in pagan traditions.

Nowadays it’s more known as ‚Halloween‘. Children go from house to house playing trick-or-treat, and adults dress up in scary costumes going to parties where it’s all about creepy makeup, masks and looks.


But where does this all come from and what it is for?

It’s another turning point of the year. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.
 There are legends that tell about all the mystic things going on during this special night of the year, saying that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead and other dimensions is very thin and can be overcome easily by all sorts of beings.
That’s why people originally put on creepy masks and costumes: to scare away supposedly evil entities.

But Samhain also marks the day of new beginnings: the annual cycle comes to an end, a new year starts and with it a new season to sow the fields with new seeds, to nourish them and to watch new plants and projects grow.

Even today we can celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in a way other than just going to a Party (which can be lots of fun, too!). We can try to remind ourselves of the true meaning of this special day, and integrate it into our own, modern lifestyle.


This is how you can celebrate Samhain in a modern way:
  • Connect to lost loved ones
    If legends, that are thousands of years old, say that it’s easy to talk to deceased people in that night, why not try it out? And here we’re not saying that you need to take out an Ouija-board to do that. No. Simply connect to your loved ones by closing your eyes and talking to them. They might be here right now and hear you. And they might even answer. Maybe not with spoken words, but with other signs. Just be open-minded.
  • New beginnings
    Are there things you want to start? Projects you finally want to begin? You want to plan a journey? Now it’s a perfect date to do that.
  • Let life inspire you
    New beginnings often require a little inspiration. So do whatever makes you feel more inspired: take a walk in nature, search for images or texts on other blogs, read a book, and let love rule.
  • Listen to your heart
    Yet the best inspiration always comes from the inside. Sit in meditation and listen closely. Maybe even lit a few candles and some incense to get you ‘in the mood’. Then listen to your heartbeat. What does your heart say to you? What has it been trying to tell you for a while now? What have you been avoiding until now? What does your heart want you to do to become more happy?


We wish you a wonderful Samhain!
Elaine & Isabelle



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