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Thoughts create reality


The power of thoughts

Most of the time we seem to underestimate the power of our own thoughts. I bet that everybody knows that feeling when you’re being sucked in completely by a bad mood and you’re willing to surf on that downward spiral of terrible thoughts, adding onto another like layers and layers of blackness. Just remember a painful situation in your life – maybe a breakup or something else, and how you felt back then. How you maybe even didn’t notice the little good things in life anymore for a while.
Isn’t it true that we sometimes somehow want to be stuck in a bad mood, and to sink in deeply into our own pain, listening to the most melancholic music, reliving a situation in our own mind over and over again?
Well, of course this is totally fine and necessary sometimes! Because down-time needs time, too. But here comes the ‚but’: it can be dangerous for your own well-being to be stuck in this low-point for too long.

A negative mindset attracts negative thoughts, which attract negative happenings. Negative thoughts or stress for example can even cause physical effects on our body – like an instant headache or pain in the stomach. Just realize what a constant negative mindset can do to your body over time!? Or if you bombard your mind with bad news that the media is telling you every single day?
On a ‘bad day’ everything seems to go wrong. At once. But on the contrary: on a ‘perfect day’ everything seems to come easy and turn out good.
Why is it like that? Doesn’t this fact make us realize something? Our thoughts create our own reality. That’s why we should keep control over our thoughts – and if necessary, shift them from negative to positive.

Once your thoughts shift into that more positive space, your whole life becomes better and easier. Just an example: If a rude stranger slams the door shut in front of you, you’d possibly be very upset on a bad-mood day, making you even more grumpy and at war with the world. On a good day you’d maybe only say ‚Oh, poor guy, seems to have a hard time.“ and it wouldn’t affect you at all.

But how to get your mind and thoughts shifted towards a more positive space?
A few months ago I wrote about the power of thoughts and how you can create more positivity in your mind. Read about it HERE if you want to know more.


How to create your reality

Use visualization to create your reality

Visualization is a powerful tool to ‚create‘ an end-result in your mind – to call a perfect situation into existence, your personal true happy end. It’s a form of meditation in which you actively create images or feelings in your mind and really let them sink into your whole being.
You just need a quiet space on your own and to sit or lie down. Relax and focus on your breath (If you need a little help with how to do that you can read about it in THIS blogpost.)

Then it’s all about your imagination. How does your perfect life look like? Where are you, how does it smell, taste and feel like to be there? With whom are you?
You don’t even need to create a perfect place in your mind. It’s enough to feel happy and content with life and yourself, with every single cell of your body. Imagine this perfect feeling of contentment, bliss and joy. Try to imagine it so hard until you can feel tears welling up from joy.

Do this every day, right after waking up – it only takes 5 minutes (or of course longer if you wish to). I promise you that your day will be a pretty good day.

Why is this useful, you might ask? Because it’s important to realize that thoughts create reality. If you don’t try it out, how can you ever know? Maybe it doesn’t work the first few times. But after a while it does. Soon you will start manifesting the good things. And it will have an impact on your life.


Dont’t worry about the ‚how‘

Sure, you might wonder ‚how‘ this perfect life you imagine could ever happen to be real someday. If you wish for a perfect life, and seconds after you think „…but there’s no chance I won’t ever get there“, it’s like placing an order to the universe and worrying immediately if that was right after doing so, cancelling the order and maybe placing it again, all within seconds. Confusing, right? And so you confuse your mind. Don’t do that, go the easy way! Just think about the perfect state, don’t worry about thinking about anything else.

But why should it work? Another question: do you know how exactly your mobile phone works? How it is possible to talk to another person on the other side of the globe? I bet no. You just use it and know that it works. You believe in it, without any doubt. You dial a number and it works.
So why worry about that you can create anything you want if you already know from experience that on a good day good things happen to you?

Your only job is to ‚create‘ the ‚what‘ you want and hold on to it. To go for it, with all your heart. Set your mind to that end goal. Focus on your dreams. And take small little steps towards them. Your way to that perfect goal will unfold in front of you, and it will happen easily once you’re really determined to walk this path.

If you need hard, ‘material facts’, evidence and physical research about the subject, I can suggest reading a wonderful German book: written by Dieter Broers, called ‘Gedanken erschaffen Realität’. Right now I’m not sure if it has already been published in English or if it’s about to come out some day soon. But in this book the author explains causes and examines the backgrounds of why it works.


How to use this method in everyday life

Use this visualization every day to make your mind set on positive thoughts. If it’s hard for you to imagine anything, maybe a MANTRA works better for you. Maybe even repeat the same words over and over again, like: I am happy. I am safe. I am protected. I am wealthy. I am at peace with me and the world.

But there’s still a tiny little ‚but’ here, too: be aware what and how you wish it. Here’s an example:
If you wish for money or a wealthy life, then be aware why you wish it. Is it because you don’t want to be poor anymore? Then your mind subconsciously focuses on the part that you feel bad about not having enough money, and that you feel desperate about wanting more of it – which won’t lead your focus onto something positive.
Instead, wish for the freedom that money brings. Dive deeply into that feeling of security and total calmness, maybe even imagine the feeling that you will have when all your debts are paid back and you are free. Focus on the positive outcome instead of on the medium of which you think that it brings you the wished result. Focus on happiness. If your life was perfect, then money wouldn’t be a matter of fact, right?


Think bigger

Right now there’s a lot of tension in the world. It’s obvious that many things are going wrong right now – politically, environmentally, and generally. Many people seem to know about that. But some people still don’t even seem notice it (or simply avoid thinking about it).
The world can be a really scary place. I admit: I’m not an exclusion to think such thoughts. But what we all should not forget is that the world is like it is, also because of a collective mindset. Here’s a little example: We humans know about the pollution of our nature, but what does every single one of us do? Most of us not really anything, to be honest. So the collective mindset is „I know, but I can’t do anything anyway.“ Think about 1000 people in one room thinking this very thought. How powerful and unproductive this is. But if everyone shifted his or her thoughts towards “I can help” and informs themselves how they can, things would actually change.

Or people just like to blame others like ‚Oh, those politicians, they’re doing everything wrong.‘ – But what can any single one of us do? Think about possibilities. What can you do for yourself?

What if everyone knew about that we all could create a collective mindset that really had the potential to help the world? What if everyone used vizuialisation to create a perfect world? Every single day? People underestimate their own power. My favorite sentence as an example here is: „Think that it’s war, and nobody will go there to take part in it.“ Think about the power of this imagination.


The more people who visualize positively, the better. So start today. With yourself, for your own sake. For everyone. It’s all in your mind. You are powerful.

So tell me, what do you want to create now?


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