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Past Lives

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Hello guys,

Today I’m inspired to talk about past lives with you. Have you ever thought about your past lives? About the fact that you’ve probably been incarnated for an enormous number of times and every life was as vivid and complex as this current one?

While some people seem to struggle to meditate on past lives, it happens quite naturally to me and sometimes I have to concentrate to focus on something else while meditating. Past lives just seem to ‘pop up’ as soon as I get into a meditative state.
The concept of past life regression is quite controversial, since some spiritual teachers think past lives are just used as an excuse for unconscious problems in the current life and that it is not healing to cling to the past, rather than realize that everything in this current life is consciously or subconsciously decided by you. I believe that you do not ‘bring stuff’ from past lives into future ones in a karmic sense, but I also believe that you might pick a challenge a second or third time and choose to follow some kind of ‘trauma pattern’ as this serves your expansion. You can collect experience about a similar topic in several lives with different prerequisites… if this is not expansive, then what is?

Personally, I think the rememberance of past lives helps me to understand myself better. My eternal self, the one that picked all those lives together for some reason. I can see topics coming up again and again and I can see how I developed in these life issues or how I am still stuck in a pattern I need to heal. I also feel like I’m learning a lot about humanity and the importance of male and female contrast. If I’m ‘in’ a past life and I was a man in the life I’m meditating on, I perceive my emotions like a man would perceive them… and I’ve noticed in several past life experiences as a man now, that men can access their emotions not as easy as women can. This doesn’t mean that they’re less emotional, but their natural connection to their inner being seems to be harder to access. Since this is a huge topic, I’m just scratching the surface for now, but we will talk about this on Unlocked Heart in the future for sure.

Anberlin – Unstable

I recently found a music video that reminded me so much of one of my past lives. I got all emotional and the video resonated deeply with me. (Besides that, the song is the bomb!)
Since there ultimately is no time in a linear sense, you could chose your next life to be in the middle age or it is possible that one of your past lives was one that – from your current perspective – would be in the future.
That’s the case with what I remember from the past life that resonates with the video.

While meditating, I immediately know the basic circumstances of that current life I’m meditating on. I sensed that it was some kind of ‘afterglow’ of a total system crash in the ‘future’. The people who wanted to escape the system, the remaining governments and cooperations who tried to keep the people under control fled to isolated areas and teamed up. People who were not ready to be ‘unplugged’ (as the movie ‘The Matrix’ calls it) stayed in the cities and locked themselves in their houses or cellars while there were murders, robbery and other crime scenes going on outside. The politics, the economy, the religions, every construct that we clinged to in the past, was crashed and the desire for change and rearrangement was in the air. Other lifeforms showed themselves and starships and home bases were present in the sky. Some of them came to help build the ‘new tomorrow’, the better version of the world, without the systems that did not serve us anymore. Others were there to get raw materials from a ‘dying planet’ and they negotiated with the governments. It felt like the chaos before ascension. Even though the scenario sounds kind of frightening, it was a positive experience. Sure, there was chaos, but people stood up for what they wanted, or should I say, they plunged what they didn’t want anymore and broke free from the system. It was a revolution with all its impacts. I felt a lot of love and connection from conscious people and other species who built communities and helped each other.

Todays blog post might be a little crazy for some of you, but I hope you enjoyed reading a little insight into my experiences. Do you have similar stories to tell? I would love to know!


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