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Right now I have the strong urge to tidy up the mess in my home.

To be honest: how many drawers do we keep that are messy with things that we don’t need anymore or don’t even know what’s in there? Or we have to dig in closets that are more than full, just because we want to reach for the thing that’s right on top in the back, fearing to get buried by all the stuff that’s in there while we try to dig in it?

I’m done with that. Dust collects in the corners, and I fear getting chased by it soon.
During summertime we spend lots of time outside and the mess can easily be put aside mentally so we don’t notice it that much. But now autumn is here, leaves change their colors and we spend more and more time at home because it’s getting cooler outside. It’s time for tea and cuddles at home, and with that it’s about time to make it really comfortable again.

To hoard lots of stuff isn’t just menatlly a burden, but also energetically exhausting. The outside is mirrored on the inside. And like it’s necessary to clear and sort the own thoughts and feelings on the inside from time to time, it’s also necessary to create order on the outside.

Right now I’m getting rid of things. I always ask myself the question: when did I last need it / wear it / know that it existed? And if that was longer than one year ago I’ll throw it away.

At least once a year it’s time to tidy up the mess in my life and to clean up everything in my home. To create new order and space. To have the feeling that everything is at its place again where it belongs. I always use this occasion to make a little ritual for myself, and I take take time on a whole day for the complete process.


Cleansing ritual for the home:

Your home can be cleaned up on the outside as well as energetically. You will notice this as soon as it feels really cozy. There are many variants how you can do that and none of them is more right than the other. What’s important is that it feels right to you.


My cleaning ritual looks like this:

  1. Create order: to clear out, to organize, to sort and sort out the stuff I have.This is probably the most exhausting and time consuming part of it all…
  2. Cleansing it all with the vacuum cleaner and a rag – until everything’s sparkling!
  3. After all this effort I really enjoy taking a shower... ;)
  4. Energetic cleansing of the home. For this I put my own incence mixture together to smoke out all the rooms, and I spread the smoke in all the corners, edges, and even in the closets. My mixture for this purpose consist of incense, dragon’s blood resin, sage, juniper berries, lavender and rosemary.
  5. At last I spread out some cleansed quartz crystal stones in the corners of every room to create a little web that looks pretty and obviously amuses all of my visitors… ;) This net is supposed to work like a mental barrier to protect from influences from the outside.


Do you also have a ritual to cleanse your home or have some tips to tidy up?
We’d love to hear them to get some inspiration! :)

Lots of love and have fun with cleansing your home!


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