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Mabon – Ancient celebration in modern times


It’s really already September 21st – which means it’s Equinox, or also called Mabon. This year the date is set to September 22nd, which is tomorrow.

But what’s so special about this date?
Well, this day marks the turning point when from now on the nights are getting longer than the days. Summer is definitely over now and nature slowly is preparing itself for winter. In ancient times this equinox was celebrated with feasts and acknowledgements for the abundance of the summer.

But even today we can celebrate this special day and remember the meaning of it to integrate it into your own life. Of course this works best outside in nature while taking a walk in the sun. But at home it will be great, too, while eating good food, enjoying a tea and being prepared to take some notes on your thoughts into your notebook.


This is how you can celebrate Mabon:

  • Expression of ‘thanks’
    Ask yourself this question: „What am I thankful for in my life?“ (if you need some more ideas you can get some in this blogpost about how to show gratitude)
  • Let go
    „What I’m I ready to let go of? What did I carry around with me throughout this year (mentally, materially) and what couldn’t I let go of yet? What still doesn’t serve me?” – It’s important to let things go from time to time to make space for new things and even people. Holding on means stagnation, change implies motion.
  • Set new goals
    Now it’s all about getting things done until the end of the year. Soon it’s Christmas! You can even buy the first gingerbread in stores already. But maybe ask yourself this question: “What do I want to accomplish until the end of the year, what are my goals?” and “What do I need to do to get to these goals?” Be specific! The better you know and express your own goals, the more deliberately yoz can go for them.
  • Dare something new
    Mabon is a feast that’s celebrated on the verge from an abundant summer to the dark and unknown time of the year. Ask yourself what verge you never dared to cross until now. “Where could I finally make a first move? What feelings could I allow myself to finally feel?“
  • Enjoy the moment
    Maybe you could just simply enjoy this day on your own and bake an applecake, cook a pumpkin soup or read a good book surrounded by candlelight with a good cup of tea or glass of wine… Decorate your home with leaves, nuts, apples and wheat ears. There are no limits for your ideas! Do anything that makes you feel great to welcome fall.


We wish you a great start into this autumn season!
Elaine & Isabelle

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