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I’m happy to write my first blog post on Unlocked Heart. Like Elaine has already told you, we will write this blog together from now on. We’re already working on several projects together (those who want to see some art, might klick HERE) and decided that Unlocked Heart, which once was a beautiful yoga diary for Elaine, documenting her way of becoming a yoga teacher for over a year, should not be an ended project once Elaine is finished. It really starts now and we want to make something new, even bigger grow out of it.

The creative process can be very easy sometimes, sometimes very tough…. often, it is this odd mixture of both. First, we were really stuck, when designing our logo. We are both perfectionists, we wanted the logo not to only look pretty, but also to feel good and resonate with the theme of our project.

It was one of our meditation evenings where we were sitting outside in the garden, illuminated by the moon light, talking about various things. Out of the blue, we got an idea for the logo and without further ado we turned our meditation books into notebooks and scribbled down our ideas. Shortly after we both were scribbling on the same design, our logo was done. In under 10 minutes. We were so sure about the design, because we felt meaning in every shape we used for the logo.


03-unlocked-heartTHE HEART
Obviously, the heart stands for love, also in our design. But we don’t see love as something solely romantic. Love is so much more and has a way deeper meaning, which we will explain in some blog posts in the future.


The circle stands for infinity, for all and nothing, which is originally the same – think about it. The circle resonates with silence, with serenity, with balance, with perfection and oneness


The downward triangle is the symbol for water. Our zodiac signs (cancer and pisces) are both signs of the element water, which we found very fitting. Besides, the downward triangle is also used as a symbol for female energy and its direct connection to the divine source. The subject of female and male energy goes far beyond what you first might think and is a very important topic for us. You will read here about it in the future for sure. Apart from that, we enjoy using our female, creative energy for our projects and everything else that we do.


I hope you enjoyed this little insight ♡
Love and Stardust,


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