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High above – Things to do more often


“Climb the mountain not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.”


Hello there!

What a beautiful quote. Definitely worth to think about. Not long ago my boyfriend and me traveled to the Alps. It was a wonderful, spontaneous trip – and of course I took the chance to feel the energy high above the mountain tops and to meditate in the sun for a while.

I’m still so taken by the silence there. It is said that you can come close to ‘heaven’ on a mountain peak. And even if there were many people around, hiking and climbing, it still felt so quiet and peaceful up there.

I even think that the silent energy of this mountain was the complete opposite of the energy that i felt on the Seychelles (I wrote about them here in this post). Because the ocean was so rough and loud, and with the constant wind in my hair I wasn’t able to calm my mind completely, although I have to admit that these islands are absolutely beautiful for a vacation.

But up there in the mountains it’s just quiet. You can take a break from everything and simply just enjoy the moment. Far away from everyday life, far away from anything. (And in the sun it’s not that hot like on the beach.)
So, next stop: Himalaya! No, but seriously. This wasn’t my last trip to the mountains, and we’re already planning our next little vacation. The photos that we took happened pretty much by chance and weren’t planned at all (like so many other things that weren’t planned that day), but now I’m really happy about having them as a great memory.


When I sat there on the edge I thought about many things and also realized some things that I have been neglecting for quite a while. So I came up with a few things that we all seriously should do more often.


Things to do more often
  • Drive somewhere else, anywhere, without a real plan. Sometimes it’s great to not exactly know where the  road will lead you. But at least away from everyday life! Away from negative thoughts and media. Far, far away. A weekend can be enough if you really use all the time you’ve got.
  • Enjoy the sun – load yourself up with this bright and warm energy. Autumn is near, so it’s about time to make the most of these last rays of summer sun…
  • Enjoy the silence of the nature – just listen. Watch butterflies fly around your legs and tickle your toes, observe birds that float in the air (and eventually they might surround you because they want to steal the cookies out of your fingers… ;) )
  • Write a diary – To write down ideas and thoughts and then to read them later on can be a inspiring thing!
  • Yoga in the nature – yes please, and as often as possible. An extraordinary experience if you compare it to a practice at home or at the studio.


Have a nice day!


Photoy by Black Spirit X (

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