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Hello dear readers!

Today you might notice some changes here and there on this blog…
Like I already told you in this blogpost a little while ago there are a few news now: (besides some small optical changes) I have support from my new Unlocked Heart Team member! Yay!

Welcome Isabelle, I’m very happy that you’re going to support me on this blog from now on – redactionally, regarding pictures and content in general. I’m really happy to have you ‘on board’. :)

Why this decision? Some of you might ask.
Well, I started writing this blog more that a year ago to document my journey as a student on my way to become a Yoga teacher. I wanted it to be like a journal, for myself and maybe also for others who think about taking that same path or who are on it already. Now that I’m succesfuly done with my first teacher training, I felt like there needs to come something new. Something more. It’s definitely time for a change now.

Isabelle and me have been working together since several years on different projects, like on our Vintage-Art project ‘The Vintage Romannce‘ with a spiritual touch. Here we act out our artistic side in front of and behind the camera.

We’re a really great team together and we’ve known about our collective potential for a long while. We have the same interests, we have the same thought patterns and we both have similar goals in life.
We strongly believe that we are soulmates, and we also believe that we can achieve many things together. Twice as many team members, twice as much input and ideas.

Now it’s time that we both want to talk more about our thoughts and spirituality, more than just hiding it visually in artistic messages like we’ve done until now. We want to write about what really moves us. We want to explore all the unseen things lingering between the sky and the earth. We want to feel out the things that go far beyond intellectual understanding, because it’s in our nature to constantly ask questions like ‘why am I here and what do I actually want on this planet earth’. Because we are more than our bodies. Because it’s important to us to create awareness for things like that. Because it’s important for anyone of us to realize the own light. Because we’re ready to give some food for thought and also because we’re interested in reaching out to you. To converse with you.

We are all on the same journey. Everyone of us is a tiny little piece of the puzzle, and in the end we all just want to be happy. Everyone can do something to make that happen and to make this world a little brighter. Everyone of us has the potential to create something superb.


What you can expect in the future

Unlocked Heart – a heart that is free. We feel like that when we talk about topics that we’re really passionate about.

Of course you will still find a lot of Yoga content in the future on this blog. And also content about conscious lifestyle, mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, and something else that we really love: food! :)

So, in general it will pretty much stay the same, but just more of it all. Deeper. We’re going to shine light on the shadow aspects.
Each one of us is going to write blogposts, but we’re also going to write some of them together.
Stay tuned and we’re looking forward to anything that’s coming!


Here we made a little video for you to celebrate our ‘new start’ of Unlocked Heart in which we’re talking about our intentions.
We hope you like it!

If you have any questions feel free to ask us, or send us a note if you have any suggestions regarding our content. We’d love to hear about it! ;)

We’re looking forward to read your virtual mail:

And if you want to know a little more about us, then please read more on the ‘About Us‘ page.

Lots of love!
Iabelle & Elaine


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