Yoga Workshop with Meghan Currie in Cologne


Hello dear readers!

In the beginning of August I made a nice trip to Cologne for the Yoga Workshop of Meghan Currie at the Yogaloft. The workshop was titled ‘The Elegant Heart’, and as expected, Meghan taught a lot about what she usually demonstrates in her fabulous videos: backbends, heart-openers, and almost acrobatic, powerful postures that are being practiced very very slowly. My expectations have been fulfilled.

Meghan is a woderful gentle person – humorous and sweet. It was lots of fun to listen to her words. We were about 60 participants who learned and practiced a sweaty practice on the mat with her.

A few years ago I found Meghan’s Youtube-videos in which she shows her unbelievably powerful and beautiful Yoga practice. You almost get the feeling that she truly melts into each moment because she’s shining with power, being totally focused and present in the here and now. And even in slow motion.

I’m still very delighted about the intensity of this weekend – emotionally and physically.
The first part of the workshop started with a little partner meditation: everyone of us was supposed to sit opposite to a stranger and we looked each other deeply into our eyes for at least 10 minutes. At first this felt very uncomfortable because this is something usually nobody of us does voluntarily.
But then, after everyone got involved in this practice, it got emotional for some of us. For me and the girl opposite to me, too. We couldn’t even explain why we were so touched, but it simply felt wonderful and peaceful to be able to stare unbiasedly into each others eyes and to see the true self of your opposite, while not being able to hide your own soul to the other person. It cannot be explained by words what you can feel in such a moment, but I just think that everyone should experience such a thing at least once.. :)


After this emotional start we started to practice and Meghan explained step by step how to build up a little Mini-Flow. During the complete weekend she guided us through several meditations and added on to the physical practice, so that we were able to experience a flow à la Meghan.

It took a lot of strength to stay on the wrists for such a long time in downward dog, sideplank, wild thing and several variations of them. But it is amazing to see how fast one can build up strength in just one practice, and in the end I was really surprised what I was able to do.
I have to admit, for a few moments during the workshop I was willing to give up, or to break down because I wasn’t in the mood anymore or felt a lack of energy. But I picked my self up again and gave my best until the end.

I learned a lot during this workshop. Mostly that – no matter how long you have been practicing – you’re always a beginner. Every single day again.
And I learned that everybody’s able to learn fast.
I took some inspiration for my own practice home with me, and also for my classes that I teach.

I’m already looking forward to Meghan’s next workshop!

All the best and enjoy (maybe the last) summer days!


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