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The Four-Leaf Clover Miracle


The story about the four leaf clover

Since my early childhood I’ve been finding four-leaf clovers all over the world. In the meanwhile I must have collected hundrets of them. Something which seems to be impossible to some just seems ‘normal’ to me.

It’s not something I’m actively looking for – it’s more like something that always happens to me. Everywhere. At any time. Even in odd situations or strange places.

Once I found a four leaf clover while I was walking on a beach in Spain during vacation with some friends. We were talking and in the middle of my sentence I stopped and yelled out ‘Oh look, there’s a four leaf clover!… Oh and look, here’s another one!’ What a strange place to find two of them at once, so close to the sand and ocean. This left my friends open mouthed in awe and wonder, thinking I made a silly joke out of them, yet I wasn’t.

My Dad comes from Sweden, so I spent a whole lot of time up there in the woods. There, in the middle of the Swedish nature is a perfect place for a child to grow up. So much silence and peace, and so much to discover. I still can feel the grass blades tickling my legs and the damp mud moving between my fingers when I tried to shape some figures out of it, like little gummy bears. I remember the peaceful feeling of safety and joy which I still have today when I take a walk in the Swedish nature.

Back then, almost every time I looked down I spotted a four leaf clover. Whenever I looked, I found one. And I found more. Counting up to 20 – 30 clovers with four leaves each day.
And I still keep on finding them today. Even on the last day of my Yoga Teacher Training I found one. I just know that they will be there. I don’t doubt it. And then they appear.

So what this mean to me? Does the universe try to tell me that I’m a lucky girl, or that I’m just awesomely good at manifesting something that seems weird but beautiful?

After all this years of not really thinking about this and why this keeps happening to me, I now feel like there’s a bigger message behind this. I studied many books and articles about the law of attraction and manifestation during the last few years, so the thing with the four leafed little plants made me think and take a closer look at the why.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

What if we all could manifest things for real? Bigger things. What if we could manifest our dreams into reality? What if our mind is the only limit, and everything’s possible?
Personally, I believe the universe works like that and that really anything is possible, as long as you believe in something without any doubt. You have to believe 100% and even more. Like what you wish to happen, happens. Without hesitating or holding back.

But that’s the tricky thing about it, too. Most of us don’t really, REALLY believe that anything’s possible…  otherwise we’d all be millionaires, right?
But that’s a part of the journey – to realize exactly this and to work towards it. To let miracles happen and to let the magic work its way. Even if it’s just a start to manifest four leaf clovers everywhere… :)

“So what would be a good thing to attract into my life today?” I ask myself this question every day. And the answer is every time: happiness.
I’d like to manifest happiness. Wherever I go, whatever I do. Of course, on ‘bad’ days this seems harder, but I never let my goal out of sight. Happiness is my personal end-goal of life.
We can all work towards it one small step at a time: seing the beauty in little things, the tiny miracles that happen every day. Being grateful for every day and the lessions each day brings with it. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good and avoid spending time with those who drain your energy. Stop watching the news – nobody needs to hear more lies or to get dragged down by negativity. Do whatever makes you happy – even if it’s just taking a nice summer bath in a lake nearby.

Take a few minutes every day to think about these questions: What would you like to manifest?
What would make you happy today?
Then go for it.

Lots of love,


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