“Your wings are ready”


Time flies – 10 months have gone, and I’m officially a Yoga teacher now!

Last Saturday it was finally time for the last exam of my Yoga Teacher Training.
I’ve been studying for weeks and prepared myself a lot for that. We had to answer about 60 questions in 5 hours, which was pretty much work to do. I passed the theory-test, and adding to my practical exam that took place last June, I passed both parts of the final exams.

I feel so very relieved and happy now! And also a tiny little bit empty to be honest, as that huge part of my life – the teacher training – is over now. Like a caterpillar whose time in its state has expired, and now its wings are ready to fly into the unknown with the unlimited possibilities of the world ahead.
My wings have been given now, and I can start writing a new chapter of my life. Time to fly into that unknown.

certI’m so proud of, and so happy and grateful for all the past 10 months. I have learned a lot, struggled and also had really good times. I will miss this precious time, but now I am looking forward to this new journey ahead in my life.

I can officially work as a Yoga teacher now and share my wisdom with other people. I can share my passion for the Yoga lifestyle and be a guide for my students on their own journey to their selves. What an amazing and also serious responsibility!

So last Sunday all of us girls met for the last time and we went on a little trip to the nature together, spending time in the sunshine, making a beautiful, delicious picnic in the afternoon. You wouldn’t believe it, but this was where I found the little four leaf clover. Right in front of me. Cute and pretty. I see this as a good sign: for me, and for the rest of my fellow new yoga teachers.

After the picnic we walked into a beautiful, huge limestone cave and down there in the dark we received our 200 hour certificates with a very beautiful little ritual. There were candles everywhere and music playing in the background and this was when every single one of us received their certificate.

We stepped out of that dark cave into the sunlight as newborn Yoga teachers. A very beautiful idea of ‘birth’ by our course leaders!

Of course we all cried some little tears, too – because of joy, because of the pain of parting ways, because of relief and happiness. It was a perfect day to end this teacher training!

So what now? I’m done, so what comes next?

Well, this is just the first little step that I could possibly make into the life as a Yoga teacher. Now it’s all about experience and practice. Even as teachers, we always stay students, as there are infinite possibilities what you can learn and experience next. I’m already sure that I want to add on some more trainings and get educated and qualified in more fields, but right now I just want to spend time at the studio and teach Yoga, and share my passion for it. We’ll see wherever my path will lead me next, maybe soon, maybe later. I’m already curious about it now… :)

And for this blog there are also already some new ideas in my mind, so stay tuned for more about that soon.

Lots of love,

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