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The Fear of the Unknown


What are you really afraid of?

Is it the dark, is it death, or is it something else?

Sometimes, I’m afraid to dare something new. It’s like I want to, but really not at the same time. The more important it is to me, the harder it is. Although I love trying out new things as they always turn into something good in the end (wether the actual experience was ‘good’ or ‘not so good’) sometimes I’m just so stuck in my little comfort zone and like to sit there, wrapped into my fluffy blankets of safety. But nothing will ever happen there. Expansion doesn’t come from sitting around and waiting for things to magically change. We need to make change happen. Expansion comes from experience. And after all… that’s why we are here on earth, right? (I also wrote a blogpost about ‘How to embrace change’ which you can read here.)

It takes a lot of strength and also a little faith to take a leap into the unknown. It is scary to jump right into that pitchblack abyss in front of us, leaving all the safe and familiar things behind.
When we come to the point in our lives when we have the chance to stay or leave, it’s never an easy desicion to make. That’s also often the point when the tricky mind kicks in: chattering, pondering, judging, complaining. But what we really should do then is to shut down the volume of the mind for a little while because our heart has something important to tell us – we just need to listen. And this can’t happen when the mind is too loud. We shouldn’t turn it down completely, but never let it take over either.
From my experience I can tell that my heart has always guided me right and led me to the right path, no matter how much my mind screamed at me ‘Oh no, you are completely crazy, don’t do that.’

In my opinion nothing can ever go really ‘wrong’, no matter what we’re doing or not doing, because I think that the universe doens’t know the terms ‘right or wrong’. It just knows the ‘is’. All we have is the now, and what we’re doing in the exact present moment. All we have is what is.

And it’s also about how our own actions make us feel. Do we feel good if we stress out and over-work or do we just do it to impress others? To impress with what we earn? With what we can afford? With who we seem to be?
So if we don’t meet these supposed expectations of others, do we fear rejection? Do we fear not to be loved anymore by them or to become worthless?

If we keep on asking ourselves the question why exactly we do what we’re doing, then we can go straight down to the core of our actions and behaviour. We just need to be brutally honest with ourselves. Sometimes the reason why we’re doing something is much more ego-based than we would like it to be. But even to realize this is a step forward. Then we can take the next step and jump into that unknown, not caring about what others might think of us.
Ask yourself: “Are my actions driven by my ego because ‘it makes me feel better’? Or am I doing what I’m doing because it’s pure love that I feel towards my actions?”


Question everything you do

    • Why am I doing it?
    • And what am I afraid of?
    • Why am I afraid of it?
    • What could possibly happen if I stop doing it and would that be a bad thing?
    • Why?


So I ask you one more time: What are you afraid of?



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