For me, a girl with Swedish roots, Midsummer is always something really special. It’s that time of the year when nothing ever  sleeps and nature reaches its peak. It’s a a certain energy when the days won’t get any longer and when the turning point of the year arrives. For me summer hasn’t really begun yet, but the days are alredy getting shorter again. Pretty difficult and hard to accept. But ok, I always keep in mind that in fact summer has just begun. I guess this is a common Swedish ‘problem’… :)

Last weekend I had to go through the first part of my exams of my Yoga Teacher training: everyone of my group had to prepare a 20-minute sequence and lead the class through it. Of course, like usually, before the exam I was so very nervous, hoping that everything will be fine. But teaching my sequence turned out to be really fun because personally I was really happy with the result of my own preparations and the way I taught it. I chose basic Asanas that I really love and put them together to a little flow. The sequence became an essence of how I usually practice these days: a dynamic, grounding and mindful sequence with warrior 2 as some kind of peak element.

And I was so happy and grateful that I had been able to practice my teaching abilities since April in the studio in which I teach on Fridays. This really helped me a lot with gaining the self confidence to teach a class and to get off my own mat to adjust the people in front of me.

My teachers seemed to like my sequence, too, which also made me very happy. So I passed this first part of the exams. Now it’s all about learning and reading through my books and folders of knlowledge again for the last past of this journey that will take place in July.

I can’t believe that I’m almost done with my teacher training. It’s been so much more than just a ‘training’ – instead it feels more like I’ve gone through a whole therapy, not knowing that I needed one. I feel so much more calm now, so many things just don’t bother me anymore and I feel definitely more at peace when I compare myself now to myself one year ago.

And another thing that keeps on happening to me lately is that everyday people seem to walk into my life that I just couldn’t have met a year before because I wouldn’t have been ‘ready’ for them yet. Like little angels they show up here and there and I can learn something from them. Or I can give something to them. A wonderful thing that makes me walk through life a little more ‘open’.

Midsummer is a turning point of the year, and many people can feel that in their life, too. Some are more conscious about this than others. I celebrate my midsummer in my own personal way by sitting outside in the late evenings on my balcony or in the nature, meditating and visualizing things that I want to attract into my life. I connect with the nature, the birds, the sounds, the semells and I feel how much we all are a part of this, that we are one.

I know that this teacher training is just one first little step on my journey ahead, but it feels so good to feel the flow and become a part of it as I let my heart guide the way.

I wish you all great and peaceful summer days!



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