Diary – Endings and new Beginnings


The exams of my Yoga teacher training are getting closer and closer.

I’m done with all of the theory for my 200h training now, and I’m currently working on my sequence for the practical part of the exams that takes place next month. Then there’s only the theoretical exam left in July and after that I’m finished.

I cannot say that I’m really nervous yet, but I’m sure that feeling will come right before the exams. Right now I’m just determined and excited that I’m at that stage of the training already. The last 8 months since I started it went by so quickly! Over like in the blink of an eye, yet so much deeper and more profound than what I’ve expected them to be.

I can say for my part that the past few months made me grow a lot. I gained a lot of self confidence, especially during the last few weeks because of my first classes that I taught. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help people getting relaxed and focused on their insides so that they can really ‘feel’ themselves. And it’s amazing what the teaching did to myself: I really love it and it made me explore a new side of myself I didn’t even know yet. I never thought that I’d be a teacher at some point in my life. And yet here I am, just starting with my first few classes. Never say never.

I feel the urge to start collecting all of my scripts to read them over again, and I already know for sure that I’m going to miss the time with the girls that have been particiapating in the training with me. It’s a bittersweet feling: on the one side I know that I’m finally done with the training, and on the other side I know that this special and precious time will be over soon.

Many things are changing right now in my life besides my Yoga-path. I was right about the feeling I had in March when I said that I feel like something is about to come, like I told you in this blogpost. Job opportunities came up, puzzle pieces fell into place and I feel really busy right now with preparing things and organizing stuff. There’s so much I need to do and right now I’m making a daily schedule list to get all the things done that I want to get done. But no complaining here! I love every single part of this transition.

Also, I’ve been planning to participate in some great Yoga worksops this summer and I’m already looking forward to these new adventures. I will tell you about them in a little while. :)

Keep on going and have a great new week!


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