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Prana Vayu – Rising Life Force


It’s been a while since my last Yoga-diary entry.
My teacher training has been going on for 7 months already and there aren’t many months left now until the exams in summer.

I still totally love it and enjoy the precious time with the girls. Although the long weekends are exhausting (but in a non-draining way), they’re always food for the mind – and mostly: food for the soul. I don’t regret taking this path and I also don’t regret that I took the path that takes almost a year instead of taking a course that’s already over in 4 weeks. Why? Because real change and evolvement takes time.

Last Sunday, during our latest training weekend, our teacher asked us: “So, what has changed for you until now? Did anything change at all? Did you change?”
This made me think for a while and contemplate about the past few months. Life is a constant change. Of course everything is different now when I compare today to my life a few months ago. But when I think a little more about it I must say that a lot has changed, deeply and constantly. And in a very good way.

When it comes to my Yoga practice my attitude has changed a lot. I have the feeling of connecting to my deepest self when I step on the mat, breathing each Asana in and out deeply, rooting down properly while finding more and more balance – physically and mentally -, and this wasn’t like that before I started my teacher training. Of course I felt some kind of peace and relief after each practice or class, but I wasn’t as peaceful. I became calmer and more focused, and in a cheesy way more happy, enjoying the little things in life, squeaking about cute baby animals, crying because of heartwarming moments and I’m willing to get in touch with my self, even with the darkest shadows that are hidden inside of me. A lot has happened and I also don’t let unneccessary, superficial and unimportant things or conflicts touch me anymore – I’m able to mostly shut them out and only let the things in that benefit me. And it feels so, so light.

Prana – the vital life force in all beings – enables our mind and body to move. The rising aspect of Prana – Prana Vayu – is the energizing force and it mainly reigns the area of the heart and lungs. It allows us to see, pereceive and experience the world, it rises and it’s invigorating.

I feel a lot of this Prana Vayu right now and I feel like it’s a time of rising in general. Spring is almost here, I inhale the rising energy of change into my heart, and I’m open to receive any experience that comes along my way.

I’m going to start teaching Yoga classes soon which is very exciting and I’m looking forward to it. I’m already planning classes and I’m learning, practicing and thinking about it daily. It’s a new and important task, and it’s going to change a lot in my life even more… : )

That’s all for now,


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