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Yowhee – Yoga Wheel and Fashion


Hello there!

Today I’ve got some exciting news. I’m an ambassador for Yowhee and I’m trying out this awesome YowheeL – Yoga wheel for myself and for you. Finally I can expand my practice a little further when it comes to backbends and more.

Yowhee comes from Austria and they have products like the wheel in different colors, fashion and mats.


Since about one week I’ve been trying out the wheel daily to find out how to work and play with it.

Backbends don’t come easy and are extremely difficult for me because I still lack the needed flexibility in my thoracic spine. But I love to work with this weakness.

Of course there are so many more parts of the body that are needed for backbends, maybe even the whole body. Ab muscles have to be trained and activated, legs and arms have to be strong and the right use of breath is necessary. There’s a lot to think about and also many things that can go wrong: the lumbar spine and the neck are in danger of being clinched and in the worst case some vertrebras could shift. That’s why a good preparation and warming-up phase are necessary and very important before practicing deeper backbends. The whole body should be involved, like it is in so many other Asanas.

I’ve been practicing poses like Bhujangasana (the cobra), Ustrasana (the camel) oder Urdhva Dhanurasana (the wheel) daily for a while, but I still think they’re extremely challenging. Another reason why I love trying out the Yowheel now!
It feels a little like a massage of the back. In the beginning it was a little unaccustomed, but in the meanwhile I’ve been getting used to it more and more.

The wheel can be used in different ways and is also versatile. It enhances the daily practice and invites to ‘play’ with it. Balance can be trained or you can use it for different Asanas as a little supporter.


Yowhee Fashion – Black socks / Top ‘Catch your Dream’


Yowhee Fashion – White socks


Yowhee Fashion – Sports bra

And a little more about the fashion:


Yowhee Fashion – Top ‘Catch your Dream’ (Design by Little Yoga Bunny)


Yowhee Fashion – Sports bra

My conclusion so far: I like practicing with the Yowheel and it has opened up many possibilities to work and play with it besides my daily Yoga practice. I already can feel some improvements in my thoracic spine – it feels more flexible. The wheel is a little helper and I’m looking forward to find out what I can do more with it.

I will tell you about the progress in the near future, how I work with the wheel and also tell you about my improvements when it comes to backbends, so stay tuned!


Take a look at the Yowhee website and their shop, they have many more pretty things.
Best thing is:
use my code UNLOCKEDHEART and get 10% off !

A little side note: my review here reflects my own opinion. I only praise things that I really like myself. :)

Lots of love!

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