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In my post ‘Wintertime Yoga‘ I already talked about being a little low on energy right now when it comes to powerful yoga classes and sweaty practices. Throughout the last few weeks I’ve been focusing a lot on rooting down properly during my practice. Partly because of my low energy level, but mainly because I learned that it feels so good and that I make much more progress in the work with myself.

Slow and steady movements have been my main focus, as well as setting the base of each asana with caution and major focus on proper alignment and breath.

Those who know me know that I usually love to challenge myself with advanced poses and transitions. I considered the ‘basic’ Yoga practice as almost boring. Now it makes me laugh how wrong I was!
I finally get it what it means to really practice Yoga, and I’m sure that my point of view will change in the future over and over again. But Yoga isn’t about ‘getting better’ or ‘getting into that pose faster’. It’s all about the process, and it is beautiful. If the base isn’t there, the rest of the asanas will be wobbly and sloppy.

I guess this insight also came due to my Yoga-teacher training, as we learn so much about setting the base, which I never really attached too much value to – instead I always wanted to move on and on and on.

So lately I’ve been practicing many ‘basic’ asanas like the warriors, side angle poses with variations, chaturanga, utkatasana, sun salutation, and so on.

I underestimated the power of a correct alignment of the feet, while actively rooting down: the energy flow feels much stronger, and after the practice I feel a lot more calm and vitalized.

I can say that to practice mindfully and very slowly is a new way for me to practice and I fell in love with it. I fell in love with slow-motion movements, extra long deep breaths and really letting myself sink into each asana for several minutes.

The struggle I had with myself about feeling low on energy gave me the opportunity to learn something new. So with every setback comes progress anyway.

On that note,
have a wonderful day and take it slow


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