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Silent Night

It’s Christmas, and officially the time of the year for family and contemplation.
(And lots of good food, to add that fact as a little side comment… ;) )

The photo above was taken exactly a half year ago during the beautiful midsummer nights in Sweden. They were silent, quiet and peaceful, and only the nature was awake around me and buzzing with life.
Now, a half year later, it’s Christmas and the time around winter solstice, and it is quiet and peaceful again. I love spending the Holidays doing absolutely lazy things like reading a book, writing, painting or being creative in many different ways. It feels like time stands still during these days. I always have the same feeling during midsummer, enjoying the power of the now entirely. It’s a beautiful act to just sit down and listen to your surroundings.
It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter: to sit down in nature and enjoy the silence is something powerful that brings you closer to yourself. It brings clarity to your mind, and lets you focus on your dreams and goals.


Christmas time is also about spending time with the family. But why does it only seem so important then?
We shouldn’t only spend time with our family during the Holidays, we should do it whenever possible throughout the year. With ‘family’ I mean the people you love, who love and believe in you. I’m lucky to have people in my life who support me.
So why only save that ‘family time’ until Christmas when you can have that wonderful good-time all year long…! :)


And last but not least: A little ‘Thank You’ for some things.

I’m grateful for my family – all the moments we share and for their support.

I’m grateful for the moments I can share in silence with myself – to look deeply within and to discover new knowledge.

I’m grateful for all the changes on the inside and on the outside that Yoga made happen – for everything that Yoga gave to me and for all the people I’ve met through it, and for all the experiences I have made during my practice.

I’m grateful for this past year 2015 – for what I have learned and experienced. For all the struggles, happy moments and huge changes that have occured in my life.

I’m grateful that I can express a part of my soul through my art: my photography, my paintings, my creations, my words. I feel truly blessed that I can work with the talent I’ve got.

I’m grateful for every moment. Every past, present and future little piece of now.


And now you, what are you grateful for?



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