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Diary of a Yoga-Student – 01



Many changes have happened during the last few weeks, most of them have been good ones.

This is one of my favorite news:

I finally started my 200h Yoga-teacher training!

A dream comes true. I’ve been thinking about this step for a while, but somehow I never felt ‘ready’ or ‘good enough’ yet. The point is: there is no ‘ready’ and surely no ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
But for me personally, I wanted to be able to ‘master’ at least a few of my personal ‘key-Asanas’ before I wanted to think about any teacher training at all (asanas like the crow, headstand, Vrischikasana – the scorpion, and many more). And  I wanted to have a few years of practice-experience first to know what becoming a teacher is all about.
We will never be ‘ready’ or done on path of Yoga, we will remain lifelong students, and I’m taking on this task with joy. There’s always more to learn, more to practice, more to experience, more to get inspired of.

For me it was time to settle for a new goal: to become a Yoga-teacher. For me the training is the start of something new on a deeper level.

After searching for a training that’s suitable for my needs and wishes (and also contains important standards like a valid international certificate etc.), I decided for a monthly weekend-training that takes 9 months, rather than joining a 4-week intense course, to give my body the time to really open up and ‘learn’, and to have enough time to dive deeply into the writings and classes. It’s all about the original Hatha / Vinyasa style which I think is a good base to build upon later.

There are a few reasons why I started going this path:

1. It’s a pure heart-decision. Something that ‘just feels right’. Something I want to do for myself to get deeper into the knowing of Yoga. Something that brings peace deep inside of me. Something I love to do. Something that’s become a part of me.

2. I want to learn the asanas properly for a correct and safe alignment to avoid ‘learning’ something wrong that coul hurt me.

3. I want to show Yoga to other people around me. To those who are curious about it. To my loved ones. To inspire strangers with it. I already have a waiting list of students who want to learn from me once I’m done with my teacher training… ; ) I’m already looking forward to show them the joy of Yoga soon.

My experiences:

I really liked the 2 class-weekends we had so far – there have been many talks about Yoga, its philosophy, its origins and also talks about spirituality. We also practiced a lot – alone, with each other and in groups. It’s superb to spend time with people that are in the same situation, who are like-minded and also have the same interest.
And, as expected, we are only girls in this group. Not even one man.

I met many new teachers for my personal practice during my free time, too, which i think is great. More teachers can show you more different things.

We also have homework to do. It feels a little like being back to school again… But that’s ok and it has to do with things I’m interested in and nothing to do with maths and suchlike… ; )

I will let you know in my ongoin Yoga-diary about my experiences along the path of becoming a yoga-teacher!

Lots of love,


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