The Power of Thoughts


Thoughts are more powerful than you believe.

Have you ever heard the sentence “Energy flows wehere attention goes”? It describes exactly how it works with thoughts.
It’s all about your focus: on what you put your focus, this will also come to you – no matter if good or bad. So if you’re only focussing on the bad and negative things around you, they must consequently come to you, because you allow them to be in your reality. And they won’t go away until you shift your attention to more positive thoughts. Of course you can’t cut out things that are happening for real around you, but at least with a more positive focus you can achieve that those things don’t pull you down into a vortex of misery and make you feel bad all the time.

So it seems significant to focus on the good thoughts, doesn’t it? Right now we’re living in a time when media doesn’t exactly make it easy for us NOT to get pulled into this downward vortex of negative emotions and fear that it’s continuously breaking into us day by day. We see and hear about pain, misery, war, crisis and suffering all around the world, every day, every hour, all the time and everywhere. It’s energy sucking and distracts yourself from thinking your own thoughts, which I think is exactly what media wants to acheive. Some parts of what media and governments are saying might be true. But I personally don’t believe blindly in what they’re saying without trying to make up my own mind about situations first.

We all know that positive thinking feels better and IS better, but how to do that when you’re constantly being bombarded with bad news?

To turn off mainstream media like TV and radio would be a good start. Try to search for educational, independent websites instead that will inform you from different perspectives. Don’t limit yourself to only watch the mass media of your own country. Try to use your own mind first before you consider blaring out an opinion that might not even be yours.

The power of thoughts is enormous and undeniably connected to your physical health

Did you ever notice that your thoughts can affect your physical health, too? That’s also the reason why we get sick (eg. catching a cold) when we feel emotionally low or stressed out. We can get headaches from over-thinking too much, pain in the stomach because of undigested emotions and so on. Another reason why good thoughts are so important.

How to focus more on the positive

To jump right from a negative space into a positive space most possibly won’t work, because there still is a long way in between. So start with small steps instead.

First thing is: don’t judge your negative thoughts. Oh, you just had one? So let it be. Accept it. Say to yourself ‘So, that was a thought that didn’t feel so good.’ Then let it go. Imagine how you put it on a cloud and let it move on.

Next thing: Think a neutral thought or think about something that feels slightly better than your negative thought. For example, if you’ve been thinking ‘I’m not good enough to do this’, think ‘I’m working on myself. And I’ve got several talents like […] that I can work with.’ Add more neutral thoughts to your situation and watch yourself react to how it feels better in your whole body.

After you’ve reached the point where the negative thought doesn’t bother you anymore you can start from a neutral base and start focussing on the good things. Focus on what you want, don’t try to focus on what you don’t want, because that will just pull you towards negative emotions again. Purely think about what you want, what you want to achieve. What it would feel like to have what you want, what it would smell and taste like to have it. It’s a form of visualizing your dreams in a good way, not the nightmare version you were stuck in before.

Repeat this whenever you feel the need to shift your mind into another perspective.
Let’s think those good thoughts!

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