Yogi on and off the mat

So, you’ve become a nonstop-Yogi? Living the Yoga-lifestyle on and off the mat, every day? You’ve started to behave strangely, doing things you never thought that you’d be doing, ever? Good, you’re not the only one. It happens to most of us. :)

It sometimes makes me laugh so hard to see what I’ve become and how much my mind has changed during the past few years since I turned more and more into a fulltime-Yogini. I used to love high heels so much, and now I avoid wearing them, and I love it whenever I can be barefooted. I still love makeup and dressing up from time to time, but it’s not that important anymore. I bet many of you, especially the female readers, might have felt similar changes going on.

Here are 20 urgent signs that you’ve become a Yogi on and off the mat:

1. Yoga pants are your new best friends! They’re sooo comfortable and always there for you. By now you’ve got a pretty nice collection, in all colors and lengths, and you still don’t seem to have enough… Because you don’t have this kind of pretty print yet, you know.

2. You take your journal with you wherever you go. You write down your daily yoga experiences, setbacks and improvements. You even have another journal for thoughts, one for inspiration, one for dreams, one for meditation…

3. Every day you can pick a new mat for your practice, depending on style and what you want to practice on today. You even have color options!

4. You greet people with ‘Namasté’ and automatically bow to them instead of shaking hands.

5. You think it’s difficult to do smalltalk and can’t concentrate on it anymore. All you want is to talk about now are universal mysteries, light and love, energies, Yoga and self improvement – which might be annoying or weird to some people.

6. Smoothies have replaced sweets, raw cocoa has replaced chocolate and now you’re dealing with superfoods on a daily basis. You know what chiaseeds, coconut oil, chlorella or spirulina are. It all happened so fast, and you can’t even think of daily junk food anymore.

7. When you see photos of beautiful places you don’t instantly think about holidays – instead you think ‘oh, it would be really nice to do some Yoga there..’ or ‘this would make a good background for my new Yoga-photos’.

8. You care less about what people think about you, what you say or what you do. And you think this is awesome! Speaking your truth has become another new interest of yours.

9. You keep a mat in your car – you know, for urgent emergencies – just in case you might need it when you’re on the road. You wear your sports-bra underneath, and carry around some Yoga-pants in your bag, because you might need them, too. Just in case, of course.

10. You schedule your free-time around your Yoga-classes, not the other way around.

11. Having a really bad flu is torture. Not that it’s ever been a pleasant thing, but because it prevents you from your daily 110% practice and you’re probably too weak to even step on your mat. It feels like forever until your energy’s back again.

12. Jewelry got replaced by mala-beads and golden flash tattoos, and your cosmetics and your new daily beauty treatment is all about organic, vegan care.

13. You probably have found new idols, like Yoga-celebrities, and you’re doing the fan-thing like getting your books of them signed when you meet them and you’re thankful for their daily inspiration on social media.

14. You became weirdly bendy and strong, it even astonishes yourself.

15. You don’t book a vacation anymore. It’s all about Yoga-Workshops and retreats now.

16. You know words like Drishti, Samadhi or Kundalini – and you even know what they mean!

17. Almost all your magazines have been replaced by Yoga-magazines and spiritual lifestyle books.

18. It must have been magic that turned you into an early bird! You never were one, and suddenly you’re not even a night-owl anymore – those days are over!  Your eyes shut at 10pm before you even can notice and you’re totally awake again at 6am. Really, really strange. But this makes the start into the day a lot easier and better!

19. You’ve probably become a vegetarian or even vegan because of your compassion for animals, and because you want to live a healthier lifestyle.

20. Yoga in public, like in a park, doesn’t bother you anymore. You don’t even feel the looks of others when you’re doing your sun salutations or arm balances.

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